The Most Karen Moment Ever Caught On Tape At An Arby's

The internet is full of "Karen" videos documenting disgruntled customers expressing their perceived inconveniences with service workers who find themselves forced to deal with the tirade. Some of the most shocking of these incidents tend to happen in restaurants, such as the case of a "Karen" who got out of her car to hold a place in the McDonald's drive-thru for her husband, per a TikTok video. Even though this might have been a genius way to avoid waiting in line, the other McDonald's drivers didn't seem to agree. 

Another infamous fast food "Karen" moment took place recently at an Arby's location in Hudson, Ohio when a so-called "Ken" became upset about a mistake with his order. As frustrating as a meal time mishap can be, the man's overreaction is what pushed his behavior into true "Karen" territory. Even if you're feeling hangry, acting like a "Karen" and ending up on the internet is usually not the best way to deal with misunderstandings. Here's what people had to say about the infamous "Karen" incident.

Reddit weighs in on the Arby's altercation

The video, originally posted to the r/PublicFreakout subreddit starts off with this particular "Karen" asking the employee behind the counter for a refund on his order when the situation immediately starts to escalate. Instead of patiently waiting for the employee to complete the refund, the "Ken" in the video begins accusing the clerk of not giving him back the correct change for his order. 

As insults continue to hurl in both directions, the irate customer shouts that the Arby's employee — who had the misfortune of serving him — "doesn't know how to run a place," referring to the employee's management of the restaurant. The employee can be heard retorting that Arby's Ken "doesn't know how to be a decent human being," a remark that the "Ken" surprisingly agrees with. While it's unclear what the misunderstanding was that started the altercation, the Arby's "Ken" hopefully learned that it's best not to pick fights with the people responsible for preparing your meal. 

Fast food workers and customers came to the Arby's employees' defense in the subreddit's comments section, agreeing that the man could have found a better way to deal with his order mix up. Commenter moxeto said, "My local food places always get my orders wrong, I deal with it by being nice." While receiving the wrong food can be frustrating, the "Karen" in the video may have had better luck if he had taken Reddit's advice to be nicer to fast-food employees