The Best Citrus Juicers In 2023

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Ah, citrus. It's one of the best fruit subgroups. Including fruits like lemons, limes, oranges, and grapefruits, citrus is a great source of vitamin C, fiber, and flavanoids, per the University of Washington. Said to be a cure for scurvy, a disease largely associated with old-timey pirates, citrus is also a common ingredient in food recipes. It's used to balance tastes, add flavor, brighten dishes, and act as an acid. Many others like to drink the juice from their favorite citrus fruit. If you've spent any amount of time in the kitchen at all, citrus has likely been part of that story.

There's one problem with citrus, though, and that's juicing the fruit. It can be a sticky mess, and there often seems to be lots of juice left inside the peel that we aren't able to retrieve. Thankfully, several manufacturers have remedied that problem with an abundance of juicers, each one working to provide you with as much citrus juice as your heart and stomach desire. Here are the best juicers you can purchase this year.

How we chose

Before we get to the list, let's discuss how we arrived at our choices. To begin, we took a look at as many citrus juicers as we could find, weighing their pros and cons and comparing them against each other, in search of the ones that function properly, are well-designed, and work well for various kitchen uses. Once we had a good group of options, we looked closer at features each one had that stood out, like quality for the price or structure of the instrument. We assigned our final picks according to their best features, and we made one final check with user reviews to ensure these juicers are already satisfying a wealth of customers.

Making our choices wasn't easy — there are hundreds of great citrus juicers on the market that will give you freshly squeezed juice. But we're confident in our picks, and we know that you can't go wrong with any of the citrus juicers on this list.

Best overall

The best citrus juicer you'll find this year is from Zulay Kitchen. If you've seen someone using this handheld style of juicer, it's because it's superior. This juicer style, and the Zulay in particular, works unbelievably well. This juicer uses its design to squeeze out as much juice from the citrus as possible. It's ergonomic and easy to use, and its sleek size makes it small enough to use to squeeze juice directly into a cup if you're mixing a drink, but it's powerful enough to quickly squeeze multiple fruits to brighten up a dish while cooking. It's designed for squeezing different fruits in different cavities according to their size. Zulay outfitted this hand juicer with everything you need.

Easy to clean and durable, this purchase is one you'll be as pleased with as several others already are. "This product truly saves my hands ... it's a great product. Easy to use and easy to clean. Gets every last drop out of those lemons," one reviewer shared on Zulay's site. "This thing crushes limes effortlessly, yielding lots of juice. It's made of heavy-gauge metal that has a durable feel (none of that flimsy stuff that feels like it'll break in half if you squeeze too hard!) It flips open for easy cleaning. Wish we'd bought one sooner," a reviewer on Amazon said.

Give your hands a rest and order the Zulay Kitchen citrus juicer from Amazon for $14.99 as of January 2023.

Best affordable

Citrus juicers, like anything else, can get pricey, but there are plenty of affordable options that work remarkably well and last much longer than you might expect. Such is the case with the OXO wooden citrus reamer. Per its name, this product is made of beech wood. It's solid, making it very powerful — far more powerful than your hands alone. There are some drawbacks to this reamer, though. Because it's wooden, it has to be hand-washed, and it doesn't have an apparatus to strain any seeds or pulp. However, it's very easy to clean, and with a sieve or some careful hand work, you can prevent any rogue citrus parts from making their way into your food or beverage.

If you're not quite sold on this reamer yet, take some user experience into account. "Simple citrus reamer. Gets the job done without a bunch of things to clean," one Amazon reviewer said. "I don't know how I lived my life to this age without one of these. It is wonderful! Every drop of juice comes out of the citrus (I use it a lot for lemon dishes) easily and cleanly. I can't recommend this highly enough," another shared on the Bed Bath & Beyond site. This reamer is fantastic, and it comes at a price you can't beat.

Purchase your own OXO citrus reamer for $7.95 on Amazon as of January 2023.

Best splurge

Depending on your intended use for a citrus juicer, it might be well worth splurging on an electric option. While some simply use a juicer to cook or add some extra flavor to a drink, others are actually trying to make juice to drink. And if you've ever made fresh orange juice, you know it requires many, many oranges. Unless your hands are made of steel, an electric juicer is a far better option for yielding large amounts of juice and a much quicker one, too. Vinci makes a superb electric juicer that's absolutely worth the splurge. It's easy to use and long-lasting, and parts of it are dishwasher safe, making it extremely easy to clean. "It works perfectly. All I have to do is press a button, and I have fresh juice ... I LOVE IT, and I suggest it to all of my friends," one satisfied Target customer shared.

Others have praised this Vinci model for its compact size and great performance, noting it produces juice, not a pulpy, seedy mess of a beverage. "It's ultra fast, simple to use — it leaves you with just the juice, and I must add it gets every drop the fruit has to render ...You can have fresh-squeezed juice anytime, in no time at all," an Amazon reviewer noted.

You can purchase your own Vinci juicer on Amazon for $99.99 as of January 2023.

Best dual-gear handheld

Some functions seem so simple, yet they make the biggest difference. A dual gear on a juicer is one such function. The combination yields more juice than other handheld citrus reamers, and there's nary a seed nor a pith in any dish you're squeezing juice into. Chef'n offers a great dual-gear citrus juicer. Made with plastic and metal, this can be put in the dishwasher for easy cleaning, and it's very durable. Per one Amazon reviewer, "This is the Cadillac of lemon squeezers. I've gone through a half-dozen different models from different companies until I stumbled on this version from Chef'n ... The squeeze mechanism is rock solid and I've given this all my force without hesitation. I've owned it for a year+ and used it more than 300 times."

Perfect for any citrus, this juicer yields high amounts of juice no matter the fruit you're squeezing. As a Crate&Barrel customer shared, "This item is very durable and well made. Its [sic] so much stronger than other plastic and metal ones I've had that fall apart quickly. I also love that the diameter is wide and therefore fits large lemons easily. Definitely gets a lot of juice and worth the money."

This Chef'n product is available from Amazon for $18.25 as of January 2023.

Best semi-automatic

If you want a citrus juicer that does most of the work for you but won't break the bank, check out this one from Black & Decker. To operate, you place the halved fruit flesh-side down on top of the juicing cone. Hold the fruit in place and let the cone rotate to juice the fruit. It's a sinfully easy way to yield high amounts of juice. It's a bit smaller than many traditional electric juicers, and its clear receptacle makes it easy to gauge exactly how much juice you have, helping eliminate waste. It's also got a built-in strainer, so you don't have to worry about the unwanted parts of the fruit sneaking into your juice.

Though it's bigger than a handheld juicer, the amount of juice it quickly produces makes its size worth it. "This machine is larger than my need, but it makes it so effortless to juice limes and lemons. It is so easy to clean. I love it," one Amazon reviewer said. "I loved the product! Very easy to use! Highly recommended!" another Amazon customer added. Some users have complained about the noise, but others have said it operates at the same decibel as any other small appliance of that nature. For the price, it's a great product.

Purchase your own Black & Decker citrus juicer on Amazon for $24.05 as of January 2023.

Best manual cone juicer

When it comes to modern manual citrus juicers, there's no way for users to exert any less effort. The functionality of these products has already made squeezing citrus just about effortless, so when choosing a manual juicer, it comes down to design preference. If you prefer a cone juicer to a handheld juicer, look into this option from OXO. Its cone makes juicing simple and painless, and it comes with a built-in strainer for catching extraneous fruit parts. You can also purchase a jigger with measurements to easily track how much juice you've got. It's a great tool to have in your kitchen.

"This product works very well for juicing [citrus]. The two juicing elements nest together well, and attach to the bottom easily. Dishwasher safe. Great design," one Amazon purchaser commented. "I did not need anything mechanical or complicated — just a fast way to get fresh lemon and orange juice and this works like a charm. I get every bit of juice out of the fruit with minimal effort, it is easy to pour, and easy to clean," another Amazon reviewer said. If you too want a no-fuss product, this cone citrus juicer from OXO is perfect.

You can get your own from Amazon for $16.99 as of January 2023.

Best press

Citrus juicers have been available for decades, and though we have several technologically advanced juicers available, some people still prefer a manual press, like this offering from Zulay Kitchen. This juicer is heavy-duty. Made with cast iron and equipped with a lever, this press doesn't just juice citrus — it pummels it. Although you have to run the machine yourself, it's just as effective as an electric juicer. And because you have to run it yourself, it's far more satisfying. "Overall I am impressed with this press. Easy to clean. Now I know what I have been missing, the juice from a press is a step above," one Amazon reviewer commented.

There are other reasons to like this particular press. For one, it comes in several different colorways. It also presses pomegranates, making it more multi-purpose than many other presses. "I am so in love with this juicer. It is really basic and easy to use and super easy to clean ... It is excellent at its job. I get way more juice out of my fruit than I ever did with a hand squeezer," another Amazon customer shared. For a modern press that has a vintage look, get this Zulay Kitchen squeezer.

You can purchase one on Amazon for $69.99 as of January 2023.

Best for cooking

If your main use for a citrus juicer is cooking, we suggest this one from Drizom. This juicer has multiple functions, so in addition to juicing, you can grate peels for zest. It comes with two cones — one for juicing and one that you can flip upside down to separate egg yolks from whites. It's also got a clear bottom with measurements on the side, so you can easily see how much juice you have and how much more you need. It strains pulp, piths, and seeds, and leaves you with tasty juice from any citrus fruit you like.

Users are very satisfied with this product. As one Amazon user noted, "I am SO thrilled with this little 4-in-1 kit. Not only does it work exceedingly well, it is surprisingly sturdy and very good quality. I was not expecting it to be such high grade, thick, heavy plastic. Especially for the very inexpensive price point." Another Amazon customer said, "This takes so little strength and effort to juice oranges. It is quiet, fast, easy." If you want something quiet, easy to use, a breeze to clean, and multi-functional, this juicer is as good as it gets.

Get this juicer for $16.99 on Amazon as of January 2023.

Best for drinks

If you want a citrus juicer for the occasional drink — whether a full glass of orange juice or a few lemons worth of juice for a simple syrup for a cocktail — get the Dash juicer. Made with a cone top, this electric juicer has enough space in its bottom compartment to hold 20 fluid ounces of juice, which is plenty for a full glass to drink or a jigger for a mixed drink. It's also built with a handle and a spout, so you can pour your juice into another glass, a saucepan, or a shaker without making a mess or losing any liquids. As one Amazon customer simply put it, "There is nothing like fresh squeezed orange juice! This makes it so easy."

Another fabulous function is that this juicer's cone rotates on its own. You simply have to hold your fruit and let the juicer do the rest. "For the price the juicer is excellent. Quickly and easily extract juice from oranges, lemons and limes. The seeds are retained by the sieve, juice flows into the collection bowl. Much easier than manual juicing," a satisfied Amazon reviewer noted. This Dash product functions as it says it will, and you'll be as happy with it as most of its other purchasers.

Get your own from Amazon for $29.99 as of January 2023.

Best designed

The most important quality of a citrus juicer is that it's functional. But close behind is that it's aesthetically pleasing. The HIC Kitchen juicer is both. This reamer comes in beautiful glass, making it pretty enough to set on your dining room table or display in your china cabinet. Its built-in cone makes juicing very easy, and its handle and spout ensure pouring the juice a breeze. Although it doesn't have a built-in strainer of any sort, with some careful pouring, you can prevent seeds or pulp from exiting the strainer. Plus, the strainer's receptacle is deep enough that pulp and seeds might settle at the bottom. This strainer does have to be hand washed, but some concessions have to be made for a product that's this easy on the eyes.

"The sharpness of the glass reamer is great for making fresh-squeezed orange juice. The juicer holds a lot of juice and pours well ... Easy to wash by hand. Way better than the plastic one we used to have," one Amazon reviewer shared. And while we see the lack of straining as a downside, some see it as a plus. "This show piece makes lemon squeezing a breeze and I like that you get some pulp too," a separate Amazon customer said.

You can buy this juicer on Amazon for $19.82 as of January 2023.

Best commercial

If you run a drink station of any sort, like in a restaurant or perhaps at a high-traffic lemonade stand, you need mass amounts of citrus juice, and therefore you need a major citrus juicer, like this one from Hamilton Beach. Made with stainless steel, this juicer gets the job done efficiently and effectively. Its size makes it easy to fill up even the tallest of glasses with fresh juice, and its parts, which are easy to disassemble, can be put in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. "This new citrus juicer [is] super [quiet], does not vibrate all over the counter, removes all juice and pulp ... Believe me it is well worth the price and will make a huge difference when juicing lemons, oranges, grapefruit," one Amazon purchaser said.

While this juicer is suitable for commercial use, there's no reason you can't have one at home. Per another Amazon buyer, "Operation of the juicer is very quiet, just a low hum from the motor is audible. There would be no problem making a glass of fresh juice in the morning while others are still asleep." Though it's far more expensive than any other citrus juicer on this list, it's a good investment if you love fresh juice.

This is available on Amazon for $648.01 as of January 2023.