Mashed Survey: The Absolute Best Fast Food Slogan According To Fans

Effective restaurant slogans target a specific audience and set a unique first impression that sticks with customers in a positive way, according to Toast. The best slogans convey the values of the restaurant, and they keep the message succinct.

Like a tune you just can't get out of your head, customers remember a good slogan, Social Media Today reported. When you say the name of the establishment aloud or in your head, the slogan often automatically follows to convey what's at the core of the business. Martech Health Directory indicated that this helps brands differentiate themselves from their competitors. 

Some restaurants, like Mcdonald's, try a few slogans before they knock it out of the park, per Social Media Today. And, some slogans are an attempt to convey history, like the hidden meaning behind Steak N' Shake's Original Slogan. A Mashed exclusive survey recently revealed which restaurants are hitting home runs with their slogans today.

KFC captivates customers with four words

While there are a million fast food slogans out there, some are slaying harder than others. Almost 30% of participants in a Mashed exclusive survey said KFC's slogan was their ultimate favorite in the fast food world. KFC got its famous slogan in the 1950s, per Creative Review, when a customer was grossed out by a franchise owner who licked his fingers while eating a plate of chicken in the background of a commercial. The owner responded with the quip, "It's finger lickin' good," and that sentence has represented the brand ever since.

"I'm lovin' it" from Mcdonald's received a nod in the survey, garnering 25.56% of the 622 votes. This popular slogan was born in the 2000s in an attempt to rescue the chain after its stocks fell dramatically, according to The Takeout. Burger King's "Have it your way," also got a mention, earning 20.26%, and Subway, "Eat Fresh," scored 17.52%. Taco Bell's "Live Más" received the least votes in this survey with 7.56%.