Gordon Ramsay Cannot Get Behind Fried Pizza

With the right technique and tools, frying is a great method to jazz up a food's normal texture and flavor. This is because a scientific process called oil uptake is happening, meaning that the cooking oil is being absorbed by the food, boosting its natural flavors (via Pitco).

People will deep fry just about anything, from butter to peanuts. And contrary to popular belief, frying is not a technique reserved for fast food restaurants and fairs. In actuality, many famous chefs love frying their foods, including "Hell's Kitchen" host, Gordon Ramsay. In particular, Ramsay is a fan of making fried dishes such as his specialty ginger-battered fish. But recently, he expressed his disapproval towards a TikToker user deep frying one of the world's most popular foods on his #ramsayreacts series. And despite his negative reaction, frying this dish is actually quite popular in Scotland, with many restaurants across the country specializing in this dish (via Taste Atlas).

Gordon Ramsay thinks this TikToker did pizza dirty

Gordon Ramsay is quite particular about how he enjoys his pizza in general, refusing to eat pineapple on pizza. So it shouldn't be surprising that he considers frying the dish a crime, and one TikToker did exactly that. @andyslife247 dunked what looked like an entire pie into a fryer, before taking it out, slicing it, and chomping into a half. Ramsay reacted to the dish by dueting the video, verbally exclaiming his disapproval. As the caption, the chef wrote, "Pizza should never be fried."

Ramsay's fans know not to cross him, but some people in the comments really tried to convince the celebrity chef that the dish was not all that bad. @richromagnoli wrote, "That looks good though!!!" As mentioned before, people also stated that in Scotland, frying pizza is completely normal and even enjoyed. Nonetheless, Ramsay's face instantly soured when he saw the finished product, meaning that it does not have his stamp of approval.