The Australian French 75 That's Served With A Bubble Blaster

Australia's Gold Coast sits on the southern border of the northeastern coast state of Queensland and has long been a tourist playground for its sunny climate, beaches, casinos, and laid-back island style. The sub-tropical weather means that a good part of the year is perfect to enjoy a warm night out on the town with friends. That also means it's perfect weather to enjoy a cocktail or two.

There are plenty of bars to pick from, some being more famous than others including the very popular Cocktails which opened in 1989. If you visited the area in the 90s, you may have recognized their neon sign stating "Cocktails & Dreams" which looked exactly like the one from the Tom Cruise movie, "Cocktail." While the bar attracts a crowd, it might be best to find something a little different and a little more intimate. 

According to the Thrillist, bar manager Roman Devchich of the Lobby Bar at the Langham Hotel is offering patrons something a little different. While the bar wants to offer guests "rare wines and Australia's finest spirits" in a stylish atmosphere, Devchich also believes that guests should have "an experience rather than just a drink. We love to add a playful element to our bartending and engage with our guests." With that in mind, the bartender has devised an innovative way to serve a French 75.

The best kind of gun is a bubble gun

A bubble blaster gun is just the thing a French 75 should be served from considering that the cocktail gets its name from the French 75-millimeter light field gun that was used in France during WWI. According to History Extra, the English brought gin with them when heading to the battlefields across the Channel thinking that tonic water would be available when they got there. It was not, so they added Champagne instead and the French 75 was born. 

According to the Thrillist, Roman Devchich's French 75 is made up of Champagne, Australian dry gin, Italian herbal liquor, and a homemade syrup consisting of hibiscus. But the real kicker is the smoke bubble made by the bubble gun. The bartender told the outlet that the Lobby team will walk around with a bubble gun "releasing some smoke bubbles for guests to pop mid-air."

While you might be thinking of trying this at home, it's not your standard kid's soap bubble gun. The Flavor Blaster bubble gun is specifically made for bars. The pro version is specifically for commercial use and could set you back close to $500, but if you're really keen on creating cocktails bubbles in your home bar, you can grab a mini version for around $200.