TikTok Hilariously Tries To Guess Who Ordered These Instacart Groceries

The concept of Instacart is simple: same-day grocery delivery from your favorite retailers. It has plenty of advantages for people who are time-poor or just unable to get their own groceries for one reason or another, and it means they don't have to rely on a relative for help or wait several days for their next shopping opportunity. The downside, of course, it that it comes with a delivery fee. Still, the process is simple: You get your own personal shopper who will update you if the things you asked for aren't available and swap them for alternatives at your request. Then the groceries arrive at your doorstep, whether you're at your home, office, or hotel room. 

However, mistakes are bound to happen. Humans work for the platform, after all. What happens if your Instacart order turns up at the wrong address? According to the Grocery Store Guy, you can apply for an instant credit or full refund if your groceries are missing and you entered your address correctly. And on the off chance you receive an Instacart delivery that's not yours, the company policy is that you get to keep them. That's exactly what happened to this one TikToker who decided to share her surprise haul with viewers.

You can tell a lot about a person by the groceries they buy

TikToker @oliviapwong recently received an Instacart grocery delivery from Sprouts, a health food grocer with around 370 stores nationwide. A self-described "farmers market" known for organic produce and nutritious food options, Sprouts falls between Whole Foods and Trader Joe's in terms of prices, explains Philly Mag. Knowing that, it only makes sense that the surprise grocery delivery included some premium products, like Natalie's orange juice, which prompted Wong to exclaim, "This thing is like $10! I think I just hit the jackpot." The loot also contained sockeye salmon, grass-fed angus beef, Italian soda, and more. Wong summed up the video by saying, "I'm so sorry for the person who didn't get their order, but this is fire. Thank you for a good grocery haul."

The "lucky" haul prompted TikTok users to comment on the video with their guesses of who had originally ordered the groceries. Many suggested that the customer was "a woman living alone" and someone who is "living her best life." "You got the new year new me, healthy starter pack!" another said. One commenter argued, "Everyone keeps saying single lady...but I vote pregnant lady!" while another offered, "Me, a feminine man living alone who places this exact order." Plenty of comments also suggested that this customer was someone who wasn't too concerned about money. Whatever the truth might have been, the TikToker was extremely grateful for the Instacart policy that meant she got to keep the grocery haul.