TikTok Exposed JLo For Taking Back Tips From Ben Affleck's Waitstaff

If there's one thing we know about Hollywood, it's that A-list celebrities are not always the people we think they are. Actors who play villains on-screen may be sweethearts in real life, and vice versa. When you see an actor performing a role, you must remember that that's all it is: a role. Oftentimes, it's all too easy for the lines between a made-up character and a real-life actor to blur together.

So, how do people know what celebrities are like behind-the-scenes? Most of the data comes from interactions that fans have had with certain famous figures (so it's important to take everything with a grain of salt). One actor who's gotten a bad rep is Thomas Gibson, who was reportedly fired from "Criminal Minds" after kicking one of the show's writers over storyline differences (via Entertainment Weekly). Negative statements have also circulated about Lea Michele, who has been accused of bullying by multiple co-stars on the set of "Glee" (via BuzzFeed). 

Another star whose character has been questioned is pop sensation Jennifer Lopez. A TikTok user posted a video to discuss some of Lopez's purported shocking behaviors.

Jennifer Lopez purportedly forbids her drivers, among other people, from talking or looking at her

User @Redpeppaflake shares, not one but two stories to share about Jennifer Lopez mistreating others in their TikTok; the first story focuses on how JLo treats her drivers. According to @redpeppaflake, the "Hustlers" star had three rules that all of her drivers had to follow. @redpeppaflake explained that they "can't look at her, they can't talk to her, and her luggage is never allowed to touch the ground."

If any of her drivers fail to strictly abide by the rules, which include even looking in the rearview mirror, Lopez attempts to get them fired. The TikToker's dad worked for JLo's driving company, meaning that @redpeppaflake supposedly got this information from a first-hand source. 

@redpeppaflake's narrative aligns with another story regarding JLo's ill-treatment of her house staff. A source shared with HuffPost that the New York native "has made it clear that if any of the contractors, drivers, or domestic help make eye contact or speak to her, she will not be impressed." At the time, Lopez's contractors had been hired to complete an approximately year-long project on her home.

Jennifer Lopez has been accused of being stingy with tips

Jennifer Lopez has also been accused of being a bad tipper. TikTok user @redpeppaflake dove into a second story about JLo being a "terrible person," which was gleaned after a trip to a casino with her now-husband, Ben Affleck.

After Affleck had generously tipped the waitstaff at the casino for their services that night, Lopez allegedly took it upon herself to take back all of the money that Affleck had already paid. "Jennifer goes around to each of those people and takes back the tip and gives them maybe 5, 10 bucks ... maybe," @redpeppaflake explained. 

Like a waiter at a restaurant, casino dealers are paid less than the minimum wage, typically between $4.35 to $5 per hour, as noted by Casino. This means that these employees are counting on customer tips to compensate for this pay gap. Unfair customers are one of the many reasons that people believe tipping should be abolished

Not only is Lopez supposedly not very generous with her money, but the JLo Beauty founder also has no problem making diva-like demands, sources claim. When the "Let's Get Loud" hitmaker headlined the World Music Awards, she made exorbitant demands for her rider, as noted by Marie Claire. Some of Lopez's requests included a speedboat equipped with a champagne fridge (even though JLo reportedly doesn't drink alcohol), headphones studded with diamonds, and a helicopter, ready and waiting for her at all times. No big deal!