The Salty Butterscotch Cookies Making Whole Foods Shoppers Salivate

As any Whole Foods lover would know, this chain is all about upscale groceries — from organic fruits and veggies to all-natural peanut butter. However, Whole Foods doesn't let its health-conscious reputation keep it from offering freshly baked cookies and other desserts. In fact, three of Whole Foods Market's top ten cult favorites are sweet treats.

While this particular top ten list does not include Whole Foods' butterscotch pretzel cookies, they are undoubtedly one of the chain's best items. Whole Foods welcomed the cookie to the world via Twitter in January 2022, describing it as a sequel to the chain's brown butter cookies. Naturally, fans of the store freaked out, and who can blame them?

Now, a year after the butterscotch pretzel cookie's introduction, Instagram refreshed the hype surrounding them with a mouth-watering post. Honestly, shoppers might be even more excited about the cookies now, and we can't deny it makes sense. After all, people have had a year to fall in love with these cookies.

Instagram is 'literally sprinting' to Whole Foods for these cookies

In honor of the butterscotch pretzel cookie's first birthday, Whole Foods Hype shared a reel about the cookies via Instagram. According to the post, these cookies are "the perfect combo" of sweet and salty, a fact to which many users could attest.

Whole Foods shoppers who had tried the cookies had nothing but praise, and even some who hadn't tried the cookies were excited enough to write, "Literally sprinting to my Whole Foods tomorrow to try and snag these!" However, a few people complained about the price. One person said, "I ain't paying $7.50," for the four-count package. Per the Whole Foods website, these cookies include ingredients like nonfat milk, cocoa butter, and organic sugar, so of course you're going to pay more.

Shoppers raised one other concern, but a fair one, considering Whole Foods' other cookie options. Several Facebook users begged the chain to offer a vegan version of the butterscotch pretzel cookie, in addition to its vegan chocolate chip cookies. Seems like a reasonable request to us.