Martha Stewart Is Already Dominating 2023

Like a fine wine, Martha Stewart has developed complexity and quality with age. Our goddess of domestic arts is an expert at many things, and one of them is having a relevant online presence. This elegant, homemaking entertainer extraordinaire has had a foot in so many arenas over the years that fans are unsure of what she'll do next. Whether she's blogging, hanging out with Snoop Dogg, or posting thirst traps on Instagram, Stewart is proof that age is just a number.

Martha Stewart's transformation is really turning heads. Since the star was released from prison, she's written a book, gotten back on television in numerous capacities, become involved in a cannabis company, and otherwise found her way back to stardom, per The Things. And, back in September 2022, she appeared almost nude, wearing only a white apron to promote Green Mountain Coffee, per Page Six. Martha Stewart appears to be living her best life and that has continued into 2023.

Martha Stewart carries career momentum into 2023

Martha Stewart kicked off her 2023 with dry January, she revealed in the caption of an Instagram post, and it's clearly working for her. The celeb took advantage of some superb lighting and posted a selfie.

Martha also recently appeared in a Tito's ad promoting dry January, in which she explained various household uses for vodka other than drinking (via YouTube). That's not the only endorsement she's participated in this year. Martha helped launch Oreo's new limited edition release, The Most Oreo, Oreo, according to People. And, she partnered with wine company 19 Crimes to release Martha's Lighter Chard. This collab is a take on the "damp" drinking movement and has an overall ABV of 8.5% and 80 calories in a glass. Martha forayed into advertising for Pfizer's new COVID-19 booster this year as well, per FiercePharma. She appeared in an ad called "Unwelcome Guest," and fiercely explained the perks of armoring up against the omicron variant.

The year has barely gotten underway, and Martha Stewart is killing it. It's safe to assume she's not slowing down.