Air Fried Fish And Shrimp Are Now On Shelves Courtesy Of Gorton's

Fried food can be a dangerously delicious meal of the day. Although the crispy golden crunch of a well-fried fish or chicken tender can be satisfying, it also tends to come with more fat content. The act of deep frying itself means that you are submerging food items in hot oil in order to cook them. Because some of that greasy oil stays within the breading of the food that you fried, that means that it's passing right through your digestive system. This added oil to your diet with the mixture of fatty foods may be link to heart disease, per Medical News Today. However, if you were to change your deep frying methods to include the use of an air fryer it could greatly reduce the amount of oil needed and ingested. Air fryers use only a fraction of oil in the cooking process and instead utilize hot air to fry up your favorite dishes.

Although cutting out fried foods altogether and eating more fruits and vegetables could be the healthiest option, there are definitely benefits to switching to air-fried foods. The healthier trend is perfect for at-home cooking but now major brands are jumping on board with this cooking technique and offering it for their prepared meals available at your local grocery store. For fans of seafood, Gorton's has just released a selection of air fried fish and shrimp that you can now enjoy at home.

Gorton's new air fried seafood lineup could be quite a catch

Gorton's Seafood has now expanded its popular frozen seafood selection by adding Air Fried Fish Fillets and Air Fried Butterfly Shrimp to its repertoire. In a press release sent on February 2, 2023, Gorton's Vice President of Marketing, Jake Holbrook said, "The most exciting part about these new products is that they've already been air fried before they get to the consumer." This way customers don't need the aid of their own air fryer in order to enjoy the crispy light crunch of these new items. On the package, there are instructions on how to prepare the protein by using your oven or air fryer if you have one. With 50% less fat, it is sure to attract those who want the crispy buttery taste of fried fresh caught Pollock or butterfly shrimp without the heaviness that comes with traditionally fried food.

According to the press release, "The Air Fried Fillets are available in a 15.2-oz bag for a suggested retail price of $8.99, while the Air Fried Butterfly Shrimp comes in a 9-oz bag for a suggested retail price of $8.99." So those who want a nice quick meal with all the flavor and freshness of fish fry without having to catch the dish yourself can simply hang up their nets and head over to their local grocery store instead.