The $24,855 Taco Bell Sauce Collection That's Spicing Up Reddit

Thanks to the internet, you can pretty much buy anything, no matter how bizarre or unusual the item may be. On eBay specifically, you can buy all kinds of rare food items and accoutrements, whether it be 10 sleeves of sugar cookie-flavored Pringles for $125, or some Michael Jordan fruit snacks for $22.49. Maybe, you'd even want to splurge and buy a single Superman-shaped Cheeto for $5,000.

But those with an even higher budget can consider purchasing a collection of every single Taco Bell sauce packet — inclusive of every phrase and flavor, of course — for the comical price of $24,855. The eBay listing, which was screenshotted and posted to Reddit, shows 98 different packets of sauces lined up (yes, we counted.) That comes out to a whopping $253.62 for each packet! Unsurprisingly, people had some strong opinions about the listing, and some had hilarious things to say. Here's how everyone reacted.

Taco Bell sauces are a true collector's item

As mentioned earlier, the Taco Bell sauce collection includes all five different flavors of the condiment, including Mild, Medium, Hot, Fire, Diablo, and Verde. And in case you're unfamiliar with Taco Bell's sauces and are still wondering how there could be 98 different variations of the thing, it would be worthwhile to note that each packet has a different cheeky phrase on it, including things like, "I saw the way you looked at Mild, it's okay, I forgive you," or "Is it me, or is it Hot in here?"

For the most part, people on Reddit were amused. "I mean, I don't doubt this is an impressive collection that few people on the planet have. But nobody's paying that much for it" one person commented. One true Taco Bell fan pointed out that some flavors of sauce were missing, despite the listing advertising the opposite. "Where's Fire-Roasted and Breakfast Salsa?" they said. Another person concurred and said, "Truth. If I'm paying 26 grand, I better be getting some mfing fire roasted." Someone else joked back and added, "It's an incomplete collection. I wouldn't spend more than say $20K on it."

Oh, and if you were interested in purchasing the sauce collection, it's still listed on eBay, and they're offering free shipping.