Aldi's Football Shaped Pizza Has Instagram Ready For Super Bowl 2023

The Super Bowl experience goes beyond the actual game. For some people, maybe the best part is the commercials. Or perhaps they most look forward to the watch party feast that occurs every single year. For some, game-day kitchen planning may be in full swing as sports and food fans prepare to make wings, dip, and other foods for the momentous occasion.

While there are definitely must-try recipes for the Super Bowl, you don't have to turn into a game-day chef like The Pioneer Woman, who devoted a Super Bowl-themed episode of her show to making snacks, stew, and noodles. Some people who don't have much time on their hands or don't want to spend the time they have cooking might just swing by Aldi in search of party essentials and foods that scream football. Pizza is one of those foods.

Pizza can be a crowd-pleaser regardless of the occasion, but it's a big go-to food during the NFL's biggest showdown. People bought 1.4 million pizzas from Pizza Hut for the 2021 Super Bowl, and Donatos burned through 2 million pepperonis, according to Restaurant Business. These cheesy pies bring in a lot of dollars, so it makes sense that Aldi would want to attract soon-to-be Super Bowl viewers with a football-shaped pizza.

Aldi's football-shaped pizza got a positive reception

During the Super Bowl, people rush to get their hands on a football, and many viewers try to get their hands on pizza. But if the goal is to do both at the exact same time, a football-shaped pizza pie might just take the cake. The Aldi fan @aldi.mademedoit discovered Mama Cozzi's football-shaped pizzas at their local store and recently shared it in an Instagram post. Their caption referenced a similar heart-shaped pizza they also found, "Why is @aldiusa so stinking cute with [their foods?] It's too cute to eat so I'll eat the football."

While the account owner preferred to eat the sporty pizza because they found the heart-shaped one so cute, that doesn't mean the cheesy football isn't aesthetically pleasing to people. User @jayne.alyssa remarked, "Purchased the football last night and the kids loved it! Look & taste." And @athomewithjhackie1 wrote, "These are so fun!" A third person posted a football emoji with an exclamation point.

Aldi has offered edible footballs in the past as well. As noted by Aldi Reviewer in 2021, the chain has also offered a Mama Cozzi's Take & Bake deli-style pizza. However, that version didn't try to mimic the white stitching on a football. This one does with cheddar cheese sauce. And judging from some of the reactions to the item, some people might be tackling slices of this edible football on game day.