A Burger King Whopper Jingle Is Getting The Remix Treatment On TikTok

Have you ever had a food jingle that just wouldn't get out of your head? From the 1974 McDonald's ditty about the famous Big Mac to the Arby's "Bacon Cheddar Curly Fries" banger from 1991, restaurants spend big advertising bucks to get these earworms to stick in your mind. Lately, fast food fanatics have been treated to a new tune that is sure to get you bopping (or jamming your fingers in your ears). Either way, it has grabbed people's attention.

Featured heavily throughout the latest 2023 NFL season, Burger King has released a jingle that is a play on its "Have It Your Way" commercial from the 1970s. The monotone half-rap, half-pop vocal tune is part of Burger King's "You Rule" campaign, which aims to empower customers to have their meal any way they like. The now-viral commercial — which has racked up over 1.6 million views over the last few months — runs through some of the highlights of Burger King's menu options and features lyrical genius rhymes such as, "Whopper, whopper, whopper, whopper / Junior, double, triple whopper / Flame-grilled taste with perfect toppers / I rule this day." Because of the age that we live in today, meme culture has wasted no time getting its hungry hands on this deliciously repetitive and unapologetically cheesy commercial.

A few of the sure-to-be classic renditions of Burger King's new jingle

For a simple song relying heavily on repetition and child-like rhyming, Burger King has obviously scored a winner with its viral "Whopper Whopper" jingle. The burger brand is dropping around $400 million on a new "multi-layered strategy," dedicating $150 million to advertising and the rest toward building and technology upgrades, according to QSR. What the company may or may not have bargained for, though, was the idea that TikTok creators would grab hold of the new BK tune and given it a whole different vibe.

As is customary on the internet, several creative TikTokers are pulling out the melodies of the "Whopper Whopper" jingle and giving them an unexpected spin. @Naluthepianoman turned the song into a delicate, piano-driven wedding march, while @moosewithascarf spent $50 on Burger King Whoppers and literally powered up each sandwich to create a tasty keyboard tune. Even your favorite pop artists aren't safe from being spoofed alongside the "Whopper Whopper" song. Notorious for taking songs you love and mixing them with clips or other sounds that you wouldn't expect, @thereiruinedit deftly spliced the jingle with Lady Gaga's hit "Bad Romance." Whether the updated Burger King jingle draws you to the drive-thru or has you running in the opposite direction, at least the memes are entertaining.