Gordon Ramsay Throws Shade At Twitter's Chicken Wings

Not everyone can be a perfect home chef, and let's be real — who has time to be? For those that are more inclined, nothing can be as satisfying as creating the perfect presentation of a plate of food. When was the last time you cooked a meal at home? Some cook every day of the week, and some opt for take-out. Over half of those that choose to eat out will do so two to three times a week (via Fourth). For those that do cook, have you ever tried making chicken wings? For those that haven't, it's a fun way to customize a pretty normal entree with new spices, flavorings, and more.

There are a ton of ways to spice up a chicken wing. For the majority of chicken wing eaters, deep-fried is the way to go, per SWNS Digital. The other most popular ways to prepare wings are grilled, treated with a thick sauce or seasoning, or any combination of the lot. Buffalo sauce, barbecue sauce, ranch seasoning packets, premixed seasoning packets from the grocery store, you name it — someone somewhere has tried it on a chicken wing. Spicy wings are always a popular hit, with some Twitter users taking to the platform to share pictures of their creations. Some of the braver users even tag celebrity chefs, such as the legendary Gordon Ramsay, to review their recipes, and chef Ramsay doesn't hold back with his thoughts.

Presentation is more important than you may realize

Presentation is essential to chef Gordon Ramsay, which is a contributing factor to the success of his Las Vegas-based restaurant, Hell's Kitchen. According to Caesars, which is where the restaurant is located, Hell's Kitchen uses the highest quality possible ingredients. Regardless of the dish, each shares one thing in common: The presentation of the food is magnificent. From the Sticky Toffee Pudding to the iconic Beef Wellington, much attention to detail is observed when plating. Now, chef Ramsay is calling out one Twitter user for their presentation, or rather lack thereof.

Twitter user tweeted a picture of their dish and wrote, "Loving this newest episode. If I was part of #NextLevelChefUK, I'd cook my famous extra-spicy wings. Not sure if they could keep up with the other contestant's food though What do you think @GordonRamsay?" When chef Ramsay noticed, he replied, "I think [the] presentation needs a bit of work....please tell me you did this in 40 minutes ????" While this may sound like constructive criticism, others may take this to simply mean that their chicken wings looked hastily put together. Whatever the case, it doesn't hurt to take a little bit of extra time to make sure the presentation of the dish is as best as it can be.