Hooters Wants You To 'Shred Your Ex' On Valentine's Day

For most people in romantic relationships, Valentine's Day is probably really awesome. What could be better than an entire day dedicated to quality time, gifts, and nice meals with the person you love? For the rest of us who aren't partnered, however, the holiday will most likely denote something entirely different. It's difficult to imagine the day of love as a good time for those who recently or involuntarily became single, but perhaps a bit of revenge or some buffalo chicken wings could help.

Luckily, for those who fall into the latter category, this Valentine's Day won't have to be that somber. At participating locations across the country, Hooters will be hosting an event specially designed for those who have had their hearts broken. The chain will be setting up shredders at their restaurants and is welcoming guests to bring in pictures of their exes to destroy, per a press release sent to Mashed. Oh, and there will be free wings involved, of course.

Did someone say free wings?

Hooters will be inviting all to their annual #ShredYourEx event at participating locations on February 14. When you go into the restaurant to participate in the festivities, you'll be able to earn 10 free wings of any style with a purchase of 10 wings in the same style. And if you feel like destroying your photos in the comfort of your own home, Hooters has also got you covered — guests will be able to scrap their pics in advance on the Hooters #ShredYourEx website, where they can then earn a coupon to redeem their wings in store on February 14.

"We welcome all guests who were looking for love in all the wrong places to enjoy Valentine's Day in our restaurants this year," explained Hooters Chief Marketing Officer Bruce Skala. "Whether you're planning to dine with us solo or with friends or family, our customers can mark the occasion early by going online for your BOGO associated with your neighborhood location. As a brand that brings happiness to all, we look forward to hosting this unconventional celebration."