Aldi's Pizza Cookie Has Caught Instagram's Eye

When it comes to pizza night, a delicious pie covered in your favorite toppings is undoubtedly the star of the show. But what is a star without its supporting cast? For a meal centered around the Italian delicacy, chicken wings, garlic knots, and cheesy bread are some of the most common side items to pair with cheesy 'za, and if you're trying to end your pizza night on a high note, there's just got to be a dessert in the final act.

Okay, so maybe there doesn't have to be a dessert (a cheese platter is also acceptable). However, according to USA Today, research conducted by Pizza Hut in 2015 found that 70% of consumers seek out a sweet treat after eating a slice, especially those who are millennial-aged. "They like to cap off a great pizza with a great dessert," Pizza Hut's former Chief Marketing Officer Carrie Walsh told the outlet.

As for what dessert, specifically, makes for the perfect pizza night finale, that's entirely up to you and your tastebuds – but Pizza Hut decided on a sliced cookie as big as a pizza. Apparently, a similar idea dawned on Aldi at some point, too. Found in stores recently by Instagram user @aldi.mademedoit, Pizza Cookies are currently on offer at the low-budget grocer. Yes, you read that right.

Some shoppers regret not stocking up on Aldi's new Pizza Cookies

There's no bad night to enjoy a slice of your favorite 'za, but why let all the triangle-shaped fun stop at a cheesy pizza pie? As spotted by Instagram user @aldi.mademedoit, Aldi now has Pizza Cookies, which are from the chain's Mama Cozzi's Pizza Kitchen line. Currently available in one flavor – "chewy gooey chocolate chunk" – these massive treats weigh in at a little over half a pound and already come pre-baked, meaning they simply need to get heated up before being sliced and served.

The giant cookies have caused a bit of a stir amongst @aldi.mademedoit's followers. A number of shoppers tagged friends to alert them of the sweet Aldi Find, while others took a moment to share their thoughts on the pizza-sized treats. "It's not bad for a pre-made cookie," commented Instagram user @hubbs88. "I bought two and regret that I didn't buy all of them!!" @prettykeyaconcepts said.

The TikTokers behind the account @racheldannyfoodreviews also enjoyed the Pizza Cookie, which they compared to the Chocolate Chip Cookie dessert served at Papa Johns. "We would definitely buy this again," they said in between bites in their review. And for those looking for a way to take Aldi's newest dessert to the next level, @aldi.mademedoit offered the idea of pairing it with ice cream to end pizza night on an even sweeter note.