Blake Lively's Puppy Bowl Commercial Is Better Than Every Super Bowl 2023 Commercial We've Seen So Far

When it comes to the Super Bowl, people often wash down all their wings and football-fueled adrenaline with beer. But for some folks, knocking back a cold one on Super Bowl Sunday could actually be improved if that cold drink is a ginger beer, and you add puppies to the mix. And that's exactly what Blake Lively helped make happen with her new Puppy Bowl ad.

This year marked the 19th edition of the annual Puppy Bowl, an animal lover's answer to the Super Bowl. The event features two teams of puppies competing for the so-called "Lombarky" Trophy (via CNN). The super cute players on each team are rescue dogs from around the country, all of whom are looking for their forever home.

Lively's ad was for her beverage mixer company, Betty Buzz, and featured the actress playing a tough-looking lumberjack-type character. The commercial (via YouTube) almost looks like something out of a vintage movie. It was filmed to look slightly blurry with an almost sepia tint. Lively is seen at the end of the commercial opening a bottle of Betty Buzz's Ginger Beer with her mouth and guzzling it. But she's not totally drinking alone.

Lively's vintage inspired ad aired during this year's Puppy Bowl

Deadpool and puppies don't sound like they would mix. But the man who portrays has indeed been seen adorably playing with puppies. And she showed up for the Puppy Bowl, though he isn't seen. Amidst the images of ginger beer and galloping horses flashing across the screen, fans might recognize a familiar voice narrating the ad. As People notes, Lively's husband, Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds can be heard whispering enthusiastically with an almost McConaughey-like twang about the things the ginger beer can be paired with, including, rum, whiskey, tequila, and "especially your mouth."

Lively's drink company Betty Buzz is a line of non-alcoholic drink mixers in a variety of fruity flavors like sparkling lemon line, sparkling grapefruit, and of course, ginger beer. While the mixers can be combined with alcohol, the beverages were specially designed to give non-drinkers like Lively herself something to enjoy alongside their alcohol-drinking counterparts. According to Lively, customers have been very approving of her endeavors, "It's been really neat to see all of the non-drinkers who have come out and said 'Thank you.'"