What Whiskey Does Chris Stapleton Really Drink?

Chris Stapleton's status as an iconic performer was on display as he sang the national anthem at Arizona's State Farm Stadium for Super Bowl LVII.  Stapleton has earned his stripes over his decades-long career: he's won numerous an impressive array of awards, including 8 Grammys and 10 Country Music Awards, and the list of accomplishments goes on and on, per via Chris Stapleton's official website. His influence has been felt all over the music industry, from country to rock and roll. He has written and performed a pretty impressive selection of songs himself, but he has also been the writer behind several other performers' number-one hits, including Adele's "If It Hadn't Been for Love" and Sheryl Crowe's "Homesick" (via Country Living). 

Stapleton has been both tremendously productive and extraordinarily collaborative, having worked with a seemingly endless list of famous celebrities.  But his collaborations aren't limited to the musical arena. He recently announced that he'd be teaming up with Buffalo Trace bourbon for a special release, with sales going to benefit Stapleton's charity, "Outlaw State of Kind," Rolling Stone explains. Some bottles of the special "Bottled in Bond Commemorative Single Barrel" will bear Stapleton's signature, and some packages will also include concert tickets.  

Which begs the question: what does Stapleton himself like to drink?    

Stapleton is a fan of a bougie kind of bourbon

When asked, Stapleton laughed and noted, "Well, I am from Kentucky," according to IHeart Radio. Stapleton is a bourbon man, but it sounds like he likes the really good stuff. His favorite? Stapleton confesses, "It's probably EH Taylor Bourbon. It's kind of a boutique bourbon. The Van Winkle guys make a killer bourbon."  It's good to know that his preferences don't fall far from the Buffalo Trace brand: EH Taylor is the high-end of the same company. 

The special bottles are designed to commemorate the 125th anniversary of the "Bottled in Bond" legislation, which gave whiskey an official, and meaningful designation, paving the way for the high-quality spirits Kentucky is known for (via Rolling Stone).

Sounds like this could be the beginning of a long-term relationship, judging from Stapleton's enthusiasm for his cause and his drink. When it comes to bourbon, it's hard to go wrong. As Stapleton concluded, "There are so many good [bourbons], and they will all get you drunk. So, that's a bonus."