Here's What Happened To Sweet Potato Cafe After Restaurant: Impossible

As Food Network fans know, "Restaurant: Impossible" may be both the most heart-wrenching and the most heartwarming show the channel offers. Each episode, host Robert Irvine attempts to help struggling restaurants by providing training, marketing, and even remodeling. While Irvine's help unfortunately arrives a little too late for many restaurants, he does still have a 40% success rate, a fact not lost on the likes of Sweet Potato Cafe.

Located in Stone Mountain, Georgia, Sweet Potato Cafe specializes in not only sweet potato dishes, but also good ol' Southern comfort food like meatloaf and slow-cooked BBQ. However, according to Food Network, the cafe's problem wasn't its food, it was finances and the owners' crumbling marriage. That is, until Irvine arrived with much-needed advice and his usual tough love. Needless to say, he was able to renew the owners' love for both cooking and each other, so where is Sweet Potato Cafe today?

Sweet Potato Cafe is thriving in 2023

Despite the rocky patch in the cafe's history, Robert Irvine and his "Restaurant: Impossible" team was able to get everything and everyone back where they needed to be for smooth sailing. Of course, all that just goes to say that Sweet Potato Cafe is still in business in 2023.

The Georgia cafe has a four-star rating on Yelp, where countless patrons applaud the "extremely friendly" staff, flavorful food, and wide variety of dishes. According to a review on Sweet Potato Cafe's website, many people have always been satisfied with the cafe, with one person writing, "I have gone here since they opened and never got a bad meal." Others said they wished they "lived closer" so they could be regulars.

Any complaints –- which are few and far between, by the way –- focus on wait time or the crispiness of the fries. As for the wait, it's part of the experience. Everything in the south flows like molasses. And as for the fries, it's easy enough to try your own hand at a crispy sweet potato fry recipe at home.