What Exactly Is TikTok's Viral Dorito Pie And How Do You Make It?

To better understand the inner machinations of a Dorito pie, we need to go back in time and revisit Frito pies, also known as the walking taco. Walking tacos and Frito pies have been around for a while, and tend to be popular at food trucks, festivals, or sometimes even ice cream trucks, if you're lucky enough. They are a mobile snack, usually made directly in the chip bag, and vendors typically use ingredients like cheese, onions, ground beef, or jalapeƱos to craft them. It's possible to throw together a walking taco with tortilla chips, but many street vendors get creative in their use of Hot Cheetos, Fritos, or other kinds of corn chips.

Frito-Lay has backed the idea of a walking taco for some time now, evidenced by the company's tour of the country using food trucks that carried their Top 'N Go line during 2016 per Business Insider. One TikToker is showing others how to put a spin on the classic Frito pie using Doritos.

Use different types of Doritos to spice things up

While, not an entirely new concept, this Dorito pie recipe has been making rounds on social media recently. In a TikTok posted by user jamiebehaha with over 6.4 million views, viewers learn how to make their very own Dorito pie in the comfort of their own home. The recipe starts with crushing up and browning five pounds of ground beef in a pan followed by three taco seasoning packets and about a cup of water. After mixing everything up, you can begin to prep your Doritos on a plate. Jamiebehaha's video shows them using three different flavors of Doritos including Nacho Cheese, Cool Ranch, and Flamas. After prepping your Doritos, you can begin to add your ground beef, a generous amount of cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and jalapeƱos.

The dish looks like a more controlled way of eating a walking taco, definitely one that will keep your hands a lot cleaner. Many TikTok users from Texas and New Mexico in the comments are sharing that their states call the dish "taco salad." "Here in Texas that's Taco Salad," one user wrote. Another user, noted how smart it is to use different types of Doritos in the dish, "Wait, why have I never thought to put DIFFERENT types of Doritos?" Adding in different flavors of Doritos creates a unique flavor experience that we're all dying to try.