Sardines Pack The Protein Punch Your Avocado Toast Craves

Sardines might be off-putting to some, but have you ever considered that you may have been introduced to them the wrong way? Sardines are one of the many potent-smelling types of canned fish, alongside tuna and anchovies. That said, there are some key flavor differences between sardines and anchovies. And, like their canned fish brethren, there are different preparations you can find for canned sardines, such as the varieties that come packed in extra virgin olive oil or spiced with peppers. If you haven't tried sardines like this, you should run — not walk — to the grocery store. But sardines aren't the only food people might not be fully experiencing.

Avocado is a versatile fruit that Harvard Health Publishing states is high in healthy unsaturated fat. It is also an ingredient that some people may overlook because of its bland starting point. Avocado craves seasoning. It's lovely for a morning or brunch snack like avocado toast but sometimes leaves a bit to be desired on its own, as avocados are a blank slate for flavor. Well, what happens when these two underdog ingredients collide? Magic happens.

Sardines are delicious and nutritious

There's avocado toast, and then there's avocado toast with sardines. Yes, avocado toast has a huge following and has been popular on social media for the past few years. It's popular for a reason, though. Due to the versatility of avocados, people keep finding new ways to keep this snack fresh and relevant, such as by adding sardines. Sardines have almost a buttery quality to them, especially when they are packaged with a heart-healthy oil (via Harvard Health Publishing) like olive oil.   

In addition to sardines being low in calories, they are also high in protein. By topping your avocado toast with a few sardines, you're putting together a healthy brunch that is high in protein, beneficial fats, and — if you use whole-grain bread — fiber. In addition to the protein boost, you also get the salty, smoky flavor that comes along with sardines. We're pretty convinced that canned sardines and avocado toast go hand in hand.