Ruffles' New Hot Dog Flavored Chips Are Only Available In One City

Whether or not you've tried them, you've definitely seen the variety of weirdly flavored potato chips on the market. Over the years, grocery stores have sold potato chips -– Lays in particular –- with flavors as strange as mac and cheese, cappuccino, everything bagel, deep dish pizza, and even New England lobster roll. Very weird, but hey, to each their own.

Of course, other brands didn't want to be outdone. Ruffles, for what it's worth, has sold its fair share of unique chip flavors, like beer-battered onion rings, chili cheese fries, and loaded potato skins. Honestly, we could go on and on, but the point is that these potato chip brands get a kick out of coming out with unconventional flavors that'll grab customers' attention.

Ruffles' latest chip flavor, hot dog, does exactly that. Come on, hot dog-flavored potato chips? Who wouldn't stop to look at that and question all their life choices? We certainly would. That being said, there's a story behind this particular flavor.

Ruffles partners with the NBA to create hot dog chips

Only one thing could make hot dog-flavored potato chips make sense, and that's if they were made in a collaboration with someone (or something) that insisted on making such a snack a reality. And hey, what would you know, that's exactly what happened here. According to a press release, Ruffles (which happens to be the "Official Chip of the NBA") named Charles Barkley an "honorary Chip Deal Athlete" alongside the likes of LeBron James, A'ja Wilson, and Jayson Tatum, and helped him create his own chip flavor. Yup, we have Barkley to thank for hot dog-flavored Ruffles.

That being said, these savory chips aren't available just anywhere. They're being released in Salt Lake City, Utah, specifically at one of the state's favorite places for hot dogs –- J. Dawgs. On Saturday, February 18, from 1-4 p.m., J. Dawgs will host fans and athletes alike for an afternoon of snacks, games, music, and prizes. Although we have no idea exactly what kind of swag the Ruffles x Barkley collab has in store, we're sure it'll have fans saying, "hot diggity dog!"