Aldi Customers Can't Decide Which Dunkin' Coffee Flavors To Sip On Next

Shopping at Aldi can be a wildly different experience than what you're used to if you've never been to the German grocery chain before. Even before setting foot in the store, you'll find yourself having to reach for your wallet in order to pay for a shopping cart, but don't worry! Carts only cost a quarter, and you'll get it back before you leave.

Things get even more different once you're inside, where you'll notice Aldi cashiers sitting down behind their registers. And then there are the products lining the shelves, a majority of which will be from a brand you've probably never seen.

We understand that this might raise a few red flags, as off-brand products can have a reputation for being inferior to those bearing the logos we've come to know and love. However, as Aldi explains on its website, the reason that at least 90% of the items it sells are from its own private labels is to allow Aldi "to provide the same high-quality product without passing on all of the hidden costs associated with the national brands."

As for the remaining 10% of Aldi's stock, the chain notes that it does offer a "limited selection of national brands," and recently, a fan-favorite coffee chain's products made the cut. As spotted by Instagram user @aldi.mademedoit, the grocer offered a variety of Dunkin' coffee grounds for customers to choose from for their morning brew — though some people found it hard to settle on just one.

Shoppers are raving about the Dunkin' coffee flavors at Aldi

Aldi fanatics can probably rattle off a number of reasons why you should be drinking coffee from the grocery chain, but it can be hard to stray from the brand that you've been waking up with for years. However, if Dunkin' happens to be the label that you're loyal to, you might still be able to head to Aldi to get everything you need for your favorite cup of Joe.

Though the grocery chain fills a majority of its aisles with products from its own private labels, Instagram user @aldi.mademedoit recently spotted a selection of Dunkin' coffee grounds at their local Aldi, which they alerted shoppers to in a post on February 10.

"Ahhh hard decisions are being made this morning," the Instagrammer captioned a photo showing bags of Dunkin' coffee grounds in four different flavors: Cinnamania, Chocolate Covered Strawberry, Turtle Love, and Espresso-Style. "All these @dunkin coffee flavors sound so good," they added.

A glance at the comments section doesn't provide much help in deciding which flavor to purchase, as love has poured in for almost every Dunkin' coffee pictured on the Aldi shelves. "Cinnamania is the best," one user wrote.

"The turtle love is to freaking die for," quipped @halliejohanna, while Instagram user @hisdesertflower fawned over the Espresso-Style grounds. "I love a dark coffee that tastes like coffee," they said.