TikTok And Andrew Zimmern Share A Laugh Over The Chef's Mistake In The Kitchen

We all make mistakes, especially in the kitchen. Whether it's over-salting a dish, breaking a glass, or burning your freshly baked cookies, sometimes you just need to laugh off these little accidents. A survey via SWNS Digital revealed that burning food, pots, or pans and overboiling food in a pot were among the most common cooking disasters. This also includes 48% saying that they are guilty of setting off the smoke detector.

Although these types of blunders are very common, it can be quite reassuring when you hear that they can happen to everyone — especially in the world of professional chefs in Michelin-star restaurants where every bite is criticized and evaluated. Not to mention the thousands of celebrity chefs where every cooking move is right there for millions to view. That's why when Emmy and James Beard Award-winning personality, writer, and chef Andrew Zimmern took to TikTok to share his own kitchen misstep, fans got a taste of the humbling ridiculousness.

Andrew Zimmern's cooking blunder is so relatable

In a recent TikTok video that has already racked up over 156 thousand views, Andrew Zimmern shared a simple clip of him boiling noodles. Seems harmless, right? Well, in only 24 seconds, Zimmern makes two simple cooking mistakes that could easily happen to any newbie in the kitchen, but for the trained professional it's a totally different story. With Zimmern out of view, he explains that after bringing some salted water to a boil you can then pop in pasta noodles. However, what he didn't realize was that there was a small ring of paper holding the little bunch of noodles together. He exclaims with an emphatic and hilarious,"Whoopsie! You don't want that to happen," as he sees that he has made a silly mistake.

After he expertly pops in another bunch of noodles and after deftly removing the paper ring this time with one hand, instead of pulling out the other paper-wrapped bundle with a pair of heat-resistant tongs he goes into the boiling water with his bare fingers. He quickly pulls back his fingers from the high-temperature water saying "You don't want to make that mistake." Fans were quick to react to the amateur misstep with some viewers commenting, "Tries to grab it with his hands, definitely great to see I'm not the only one to do such a thing without much thinking," and another dubbing him "Andrew SIMMERman." It seems mistakes can happen even to the best of us.