Yes, A Woman Was Buried In A Giant, Peacefully Sleeping M&M

If you had to show your love for M&M's without actually saying, "I love M&Ms," how would you do it? Would you wear an M&M T-shirt or keep a bag or two in your office desk drawer at all times? Get an M&M's tattoo? Chances are, having an M&M's-themed funeral wouldn't come to mind, but it did for one woman who was an avid fan of the chocolate-coated candy.

Mary Esther Stocks Martin Gaily was a mother of six, grandmother of dozens, and lover and collector of M&M candy and merch. Before she passed away, she made a unique request to reflect her love for the candy, as her grandson explained on TikTok. She wanted to be buried in an M&M casket. After designing it herself, she had her son make it for her. Then she stored it in her home until the day came for it to serve its purpose.

The casket was a tribute to her 5,000 students

Esther Gaily's love for M&M's developed throughout her 30-year teaching career, according to a tweet by her son. Her students used to give her M&M's candies and small toys — contributing to a collection — because her initials during her teaching days were M and M (Mary Martin). "The casket is a tribute to the over 5,000 students she taught throughout her career. She will be missed," he tweeted.


The casket features a large blue M&M character with his eyes closed and gloved hands resting on his chest, cradling a few dozen smaller M&M's of various colors. Each one features a name of one of her loved ones. Several of her relatives even wore M&M's T-shirts and hats to the funeral.

The TikTok post received more than a million views and more than 16,000 comments within just a few days, with mixed responses. One person commented, "This is amazing. Unfortunately, we are conditioned to think that we have to be buried in a plain casket. This is personality and beautiful." Another said, "I demand more caskets like this. Let's start a small biz lol."

Her grandson addressed his late grandmother in the caption of the post. "You can now rest peacefully. I love you. P.S. You were right. We all loved your casket."