TikTok's Viral Crack Pot Chicken Is Making A Comeback

Maybe it's the cold weather, maybe it's the fact that food inflation has made going out to eat prohibitively expensive, but it seems like cozy comfort foods that can easily be made at home are having a bit of a moment. Sure, fancier foods like caviar and tinned fish are trendy on TikTok, too, but there's one recipe that's currently going viral that's truly stood the test of time: crack chicken. It might not be as fancy as caviar, but crack chicken has a lot going for it that's kept folks coming back time and again.

This dish is purportedly to be so delicious, it's nearly impossible not to keep eating it. Fans of chicken, bacon, and ranch pizza will probably like it because crack chicken is basically just that — pizza in slow-cooked form. Though there are many different versions online, it's generally a combo of chicken, cream cheese, cheddar cheese, powdered ranch seasoning, and bacon. It's a hands-off, relatively affordable slow-cooker recipe, and it seems to be a crowd-pleaser, too. Its past popularity predates TikTok, and you can find online references and recipes that go back to at least 2015. Now, this chicken and bacon sensation is having a social media renaissance, and some of the TikTok variations may be worth trying out at home.

New twists on an old favorite

There are a few different ways foodies are adding new twists to this old favorite recipe. Though crack chicken is often served on a roll or slider bun, some are opting to keep things low carb, pairing it with steamed vegetables like broccoli instead. On the other end of the spectrum, some are taking the classic flavors of crack chicken and turning them into fun and indulgent snack foods, like crack chicken eggrolls, or doubling down on the comfort food factor to make rich dishes like crack chicken casserole.


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One thing to keep in mind is that with its resurgence in popularity, it might be time this dish got a name change, too. In recent years, several restaurants, including HopCat in Michigan and Cristina Tosi's Milk Bar, have given new names to foods that previously had "crack" in their description, as many feel that comparing a tasty food to a truly addictive substance is reductive and makes light of a serious struggle. Thankfully, this recipe is so good, it doesn't need a catchy name for people to know it's delicious. Just say "creamy ranch chicken with cheddar and bacon," and everyone will know that dinner is going to be pure comfort food.