The Unique Powder Christina Tosi Adds To Chocolate Chip Cookies For Extra Flavor And Texture

Chocolate chip cookies are an immensely popular classic dessert that brings everyone together when they're brought out at parties and events. They're also fond memories made with family in the kitchen because baking them is almost as fun as eating them! If you go back about 80 years, you'll witness the birth of chocolate chip cookies in Whitman, Massachusetts. Can you guess what the restaurant where they were born was called? If you guessed Toll House, you'd be right! Ruth Wakefield created the recipe in the late 1930s, selling the Toll House name and her chocolate chip cookie recipe to Nestle in 1939.

From their roots back in Whitman, Massachusetts in the 1930s to current times, chocolate chip cookies have grown beyond being the classic we all know and love to now include all sorts of add-ins. It's not uncommon to see chocolate chip cookies with different kinds of chocolate inside, such as white chocolate, dark chocolate, as well as toffee, bits of candy bars, and even M&M's. When the founder of NYC-based bakery Milk Bar, Christina Tosi, is preparing chocolate chip cookies, she likes to add a certain ingredient that you wouldn't usually think to add to cookies.

Christina Tosi adds nonfat milk powder to her chocolate chip cookies

When she's baking chocolate chip cookies, Tosi likes to add an ingredient not commonly seen in cookies: nonfat milk powder. Adding a tablespoon will make the cookies a bit chewier, as well as provide a whole new layer of flavor. This creative idea is sure to have people coming back for seconds. Tosi is known for more than her chocolate chip cookies. Back in 2008, she founded Milk Bar, which is a bakery and dessert chain with locations across North America. Milk Bar has a ton of unique confectionery creations, such as cake truffles, along with other types of cookies, cakes, and even pies with their own creative personal touch.

If you want to ensure the success of your cookies at the social function, you should also try to bake the cookies in a different shape or different size than the usual two- to three-inch round cookie. Cookie cutters can be helpful in achieving your vision if you want to take this route. Additionally, if you're feeling brave and extra creative, you can also add some mix-ins of your choosing, such as peanut butter, M&M's, or even some candy canes!