The One Weekday That Will Earn You The Most Savings At The Grocery Store

Food bills have skyrocketed for many Americans due to a combination of global issues that have given way to severe grocery store inflation. Disrupted supply chains, an international spread of avian flu, and climate change have taken a toll on groceries. So it's at times like these that many folks start looking at ways to cut their weekly grocery budget. The usual tips like couponing, buying in bulk, and watching out for deals are all great tips. But changing your shopping day to one particular day of the week may also provide much-needed spending relief. Instead of saving the weekly shop for the weekend, try to get to the grocery store on a Wednesday. This change in your grocery shopping routine can help you to maximize savings and offers from stores because this is the day when the previous deals still hold on unsold inventory, and the store releases new deals for the following week, allowing you to double dip. Here's how to make the most out of a Wednesday grocery store and make this tip work for you. 

Why Wednesdays?

Major grocery stores tend to restock their shelves on Wednesdays which causes two things to happen — new deals are released, and the items that didn't sell from the week prior may be put on offer at a steep discount. So you'll have newer inventory to choose from, and heavily discounted items, so this is a great day to get both fresh produce and meat, as well as shelf-stable snacks. Name-brand chips and cereals often have 2-for-1 bargains, so you can indulge in some fun treats without breaking the bank. 

Of course, getting to the grocery store on a Wednesday can seem impossible, especially for those with standard weekday schedules at an office job. Consider scoping out deals online and trying digital coupon cutting before placing an order for delivery or pickup. Many major chains now offer same-day pickup for low or no cost. If you prefer to head into the store, consider going in the morning or evening — the shop will be much less crowded than on a weekend, so you may end up saving time and cash.