Gordon Ramsay's Viral Egg Toast Is Topped With A Uniquely Sweet And Smoky Jam

Though you may be more familiar with celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay from eating at one of his 58 restaurants or watching one of his many TV shows, he also has been making quite a buzz on TikTok, where the chef shares a broad variety of cooking tips, tricks, and recipes to teach fans how to make delectable meals at home.

In 2021, Ramsay sent TikTok into a frenzy with a viral video that featured the game-changing condiment he adds to egg toast — bacon jam. (Seriously, the recipe was so popular Lizzo recreated her own vegan-friendly version using vegan bacon and plant-based eggs.) Instead of focusing on proper egg cookery (we have a copycat recipe for Ramsay's scrambled eggs if you need some help with this step), the chef gives the viewer a detailed explanation of the process to make the egg-cellent breakfast addition.

Elevate basic scrambled eggs and toast with bacon jam

In Gordon Ramsay's TikTok, he starts making his egg toast by grabbing a loaf of sourdough bread, cutting it into slices, and toasting them until golden brown in a skillet with some melted butter. In a separate skillet, Ramsay begins making his sweet and smoky bacon jam by first crisping up some bacon that has been cut into small pieces and transferring them to a plate once cooked. Diced onions and thinly sliced shallots are then added to the skillet and browned before maple syrup, coffee, and brown sugar join the mix to bring a chorus of full-bodied flavors together. Ramsay builds the dish by topping the toasted sourdough bread with homemade bacon jam, soft-scrambled eggs, chives, and flaky salt.


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♬ Bacon Jam Toast – Gordon Ramsay

TikTok user @newt also recreated the recipe captioning their video "[T]he sensation [I] felt after having this for supper was absolutely exquisite." This just goes to show that you can eat eggs on toast for any meal, and, with a few extra ingredients, you can dress this humble breakfast up into something luxurious.