TikTok's Tim Hortons Secret Menu Pizza Is Something Else

Tim Hortons is a Canadian coffee shop that has over 600 locations across the United States. Despite the large number of shops, they only have locations in about 20% of the entire U.S. Tim Hortons is similar to In-N-Out and Jack in the Box in that they are region-specific and therefore only offered in certain states. Whether it's a cup of coffee from Tim Hortons or an animal-style burger from In-N-Out, visiting these fast food and coffee chains that aren't available everywhere does give you a pretty cool feeling.

It certainly doesn't help with FOMO when social media websites such as Instagram, Facebook, and even TikTok feed into the craze of exclusivity with posts on users' profiles showing off their exclusive loot. Naturally, TikTok has taken to Tim Hortons like bears to honey. Users, especially fast food chain employees, on the social media giant are getting creative with their menu, using whatever ingredients they have access to in order to make all sorts of interesting creations. Some unique concepts from the Tim Hortons secret menu include a hash brown sandwich, triple berry lemonade, and even a lemon meringue pie in drink form. Recently, some Tim Hortons employees shared a pizza hack, but not everyone is on board with the recipe.

Fans are torn over the Tim Hortons secret menu pizza

TikTok user @timhortonsofficial._ (which doesn't appear to actually be the "official" Tim Hortons TikTok account) shared a secret menu pizza that some employees whipped up with the ingredients they had available. First, they score a tomato, steep it in a paper cup with hot water, and peel the skin off. The tomato is then finely chopped, placed in a microwave, and mashed to form a tomato sauce. Ketchup, chili sauce, buffalo sauce, salt, and pepper are added to give the "sauce" more flavor. It's then spread onto a large tortilla, topped with shredded cheese and a few other toppings from the Tim Hortons kitchen, and baked before the employees cut it up with a plastic knife and enjoy a cheesy slice.

The TikTok was met with hilarious comments about the employees having too much free time, with one person writing "[T]his is why y'all take so long to get my order." Another person commented, "Tim Hortons staff have enough trouble toasting and buttering a bagel and having it out the window in under a minute." Conveniently enough, Tim Hortons actually began testing flatbread pizzas in August 2022 in select locations in Ontario, Canada, according to a press release. The company has since expanded its test market to include some locations in Calgary, Canada, and continues to collect feedback from guests as of now. So, hopefully, pizza will truly be on the menu at Tim Hortons.