Reddit Might Have Found The Saddest Cheesy Gordita Crunch Ever

We all know the food we get at the drive-thru rarely, if ever, resembles what we see in the commercials or the menu board. In the photos, the buns are stacked perfectly on the patties, each corner of the cheese is visible and sharp, and the sandwich looks tall, full, and juicy. It's all so perfect, it makes you wonder if it's even real food or plastic.

The letdown of reality compared to the photos is common, unfortunately, but one drive-thru customer got the ultimate letdown when she ordered a Cheesy Gordita Crunch from Taco Bell. The customer posted about the experience on Reddit, appropriately entitling it, "Disappointing Cheesy Gordita Crunch."

If you've never had one, the Cheesy Gordita Crunch consists of a hard shell tortilla wrapped in a thick flatbread, with a three-cheese layer in between. Inside the hard shell tortilla is a combination of ground beef, ranch sauce, lettuce, and cheese, but what this customer received was only a fraction of all that.

Disappointing is probably an understatement

It's unclear from the Reddit post how extensively the customer customized. In the photo, it is clear that what they received was not a Cheesy Gordita Crunch by any stretch of the imagination. The person who prepared the order included the whole flat bread and soft shell taco, so at least they got that right, but the shell is cracked in half. Could that have happened after the customer opened it? Possibly.

Now let's talk about the cheese, or should we say, the lack of cheese; there doesn't appear to be any of it sandwiched between the flat bread and shell, and there are only a few pieces in the shell. The lettuce also leaves much to be desired as it sits saturated by the ranch sauce, but perhaps the biggest disappointment of this order is the lack of meat. It normally comes with beef, but there are just a few small pieces of chicken, which the customer likely requested as a replacement.

Apparently, the limited chicken is a common occurrence. One person commented, "Hate how little chicken they include when you swap," implying that it's happened to them, too. Another person empathized with the original poster and said, "I'd call that LAZY, and sad. Sorry," but the only one who should be apologizing is the person who made this sad, non-cheesy, practically meatless Gordita Crunch. Perhaps these Redditors added the item to their list of things to never order at Taco Bell.