The McDonald's Radish Comment That's Causing A Hilarious Stir

Scroll through any fast food chain's social media, and you'll see hundreds, if not thousands, of fans clamoring for discontinued menu items to return. For many of us, it feels like the only way to make ourselves heard by giant corporations like McDonald's is by commenting on every single Instagram post to beg for our Snack Wraps back. At the same time, however, it feels like our comments will never be seen by the people in charge, let alone anyone else.

With that in mind, people sometimes post weird comments thinking no one will notice. After all, what's one little comment in a sea of millions? This was probably the thought process of one individual named Jackie when they made an odd comment on a McDonald's TikTok post. To Jackie's surprise — and perhaps horror — McDonald's did indeed see the comment, as did the rest of the internet.

The TikTok radish comment that started it all

People write weird comments on TikTok, that much we know. However, the comment from TikTok user @jackiewashereeeeee touched the hearts of many after McDonald's brought it into the spotlight. Jackie commented on a video of McDonald's famous chicken nuggets, "I know nobody will read this, but sometimes when I'm bored, I go to my garden and dig myself into the ground and pretend like I'm a radish."

McDonald's was quick to acknowledge Jackie's comment, proving that someone had indeed read it. Upon sharing a screenshot of the interaction on Twitter, McDonald's went back and forth with numerous fans, many of whom didn't think they would actually get a response. But they did, prompting one person to write, "We love an attentive social media manager."

As fun as Twitter was, sharing the same post on Instagram went quite a bit differently. McDonald's wrote, "I read all the comments," but instead of receiving cutesy responses from fans, the fast food chain was berated yet again with demands for Snack Wraps, breakfast all day, spicy McNuggets — you get the idea. At least Jackie seems content with life.