The Iconic Candy That TikTok Is Obsessively Freeze-Drying

It's no secret that TikTok is a hub for food trends. A candy-filled craze that hit the app in 2022 is no exception to that rule. Freeze-dried candy has been showing up on the For You pages of many culinary enthusiasts, and it looks as delicious as it is unique. 

As the name implies, freeze-dried candy is made by first freezing candy at -50 degrees Fahrenheit, and then placing the candy in a vacuum in order to warm it back up. This process allows the moisture in the candy to dry up, leaving behind the candy's pure sugar crystals. The resulting confection is a delightfully crunchy version of whatever candy you choose to freeze-dry, creating a new and unexpected texture that is fun to eat. Freeze-dried candies also feature an enhanced flavor profile when compared to their non-freeze-dried counterparts, which is due to the highly concentrated flavors and sugars created by the process. Of all the freeze-dried candy options available, Skittles seem to have won over the taste buds of more TikTok creators than most. 

Freeze-dried Skittles is the latest viral trend

Looking a bit like puffed-up billiard balls, freeze-dried Skittles are available from many online vendors. The Freeze Dried Candy Store describes them as "light, crunchy, and delicious," and calls its version of the candies "shell shocks." In their now-viral video, creator and food reviewer @munchwithdes tried freeze-dried Skittles for the first time and told viewers that they now understand why so many of them enjoy freeze-dried candies. A delightful-sounding crunch can be heard as @munchwithdes chews the candies, making this unique snack seem even more appealing. 


This is my first time trying Freeze Dried Skittles ' I see what the hype is about! #freezedriedcandy #freezedried #candyreview #tastetest #skittles

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As if taste-testing the candies wasn't enough, TikTok user @spaceagekitchen took the trend to the next level by making a DIY version of freeze-dried Skittles from home. @Spaceagekitchen explained in the video that they purchased an industrial-grade freeze dryer in order to create the sugary snack, and filmed the candies expanding into their white-centered, freeze-dried form during the process. Commenters were impressed that @spaceagekitchen bought a freeze dryer just for the occasion — a true testament to how good these candies are. 

Even if you don't have an industrial freeze dryer at your disposal, you can still have a chance to get in on the trend and sample freeze-dried Skittles — or any other freeze-dried candy that exists. Freeze-dried candies can be found on Amazon or numerous other online candy shops that sell novelty confections.