Banana Coffee Is Popping Off On Social Media - But What Exactly Is It?

Many of us would like more time to prepare a healthy, tasty breakfast. But in reality, we often take those extra five minutes in bed and end up having a granola bar in the car — sometimes with no coffee. Oh, no! That's where banana coffee comes in. For people who want easier breakfast recipes to accommodate their busy lifestyles, this drink is a two-in-one combo that's quicker to prep when compared to other options like avocado toast or overnight oats. TikTok user @elliegervais first introduced this drink to the social media platform, and the recipe quickly went viral. Ellie got the inspiration from a drink with the same name offered by a coffee shop in Costa Rica and decided to replicate it at home. 

To make banana coffee, you only need two frozen bananas and a cup of cold coffee. Blend both ingredients together until you reach a firm mix that is also easy to sip, and you'll have a drink filled with caffeine and a natural sugar substitute. Plus, banana coffee is a more complete morning snack than a plain iced latte due to the banana's nutritional content. If you can't wait to freeze some bananas and try this for yourself, you'll be joining the rest of the crowd on the Internet who are over the moon for what Ellie calls "a little cup of heaven."  

Add ingredients to banana coffee to change its flavor

"Oh. My. God. I'm trying this tomorrow," said one commenter on TikTok. Many were thankful for the introduction to this quick, easy-to-make drink, but other commenters upped the stakes by suggesting twists and more ingredients. "Add peanut butter and cacao powder," said one user. "Love mine with a couple of dates thrown in," said another. Others encouraged using peanut butter, different flavors of protein powder, or even almond milk for a thinner consistency. In fact, @elliegervais made a matcha version, too. The original recipe doesn't include milk or dairy because the banana acts as the creamer and gives the drink its thickness and smoothie-like texture. Banana also lends a natural sweetness, especially if you use overripe bananas


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Instagram content creator Nicki Marie was also quite curious about trying banana coffee — and after the first sip, was shocked by how good it is. Then, Instagram got creative as well: "Add coconut milk ya'll it will change your life," read one comment. Other commenters suggested adding stevia, cinnamon, and other flavored coffee syrups — regular and sugar-free — such as hazelnut. One user even suggested adding rum. As it turns out, people love the versatility of banana coffee and how the base recipe comes together by using only two ingredients and a blender. Whether you try the original recipe or one with a twist, we hope banana coffee joins your rotation of fuss-free breakfast options.