TikTok Is Slamming Chick-Fil-A's Plastic Bag Rule

As many of us have sadly experienced, not every fast-food restaurant is generous with its portions, condiments, or even napkins. One man actually sued McDonald's over receiving a single napkin back in 2014, and to be honest, we can't blame him for being upset. If we had a dollar for each time we had to specifically ask for extra ketchup packets, we could probably just start our own ketchup company.

Anyway, one of the worst offenders –- at least as far as bags are concerned –- seems to be Chick-fil-A. One Reddit user pointed out that the chain's "corporate standards are to use as few bags as possible," allegedly in an effort to reduce waste. However, this so-called environmentally-friendly policy comes at the cost of ostracizing customers who simply wanted a second bag. Or, as one Uber Eats driver recently shared on TikTok, customers who just wanted a single bag around their food and drink.

Apparently a single Chick-fil-A bag is too much to ask for

TikTok was collectively in an uproar after one Uber Eats driver shared his experience with picking up an order from Chick-fil-A. According to his TikTok, he requested a plastic bag on behalf of the customer, who was disabled and wanted to make sure their food and drink were secure.

Rather than offer the driver a bag and have everyone move on with their days, the Chick-fil-A worker called over her manager, who said the bags could only be handed out "for the items that go in them, for things such as salads, side salads, and cold products," and were strictly controlled in order to cut back on "unnecessary waste."


Serious question: Am I tripping or overreacting? I do Ubereats during some weekends. Have been since May of last year. This has been the first issue ive ever dealt with picking up an order. The plastic bag was for a customer, who asked me to make sure they had a plastic bag around her food and drink. Ive never had issues getting an extra bag, napkins, sauces, straws, etc etc for customers that asked for extras. My job is to make sure theyre happy with my service and I got everything they needed. #lifeoftheowl #ubereats #deliverydriver #chickfila #disabledtiktok #handicapped #terribleexperience #storytime #ubereatsstories #ubereatstiktok #customerservice #amitripping #wtf #idkanymore #deliverydriverproblems @chickfila

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The driver again emphasized that the customer was disabled, to which the manager said the chain did not discriminate and was simply a matter of policy. As such, one TikToker commented, "Denying reasonable accommodation, I'd sue," while countless others just couldn't wrap their heads around the idea of not giving the driver the bag and moving on. Seriously, Chick-fil-A, what's so special about the bags?