The $27,000 Burger Isn't Really Edible

If you want to show off your obscene levels of wealth, ridiculously expensive food is a great place to start. You could add edible gold flakes worth more than 24-karat jewelry to your food, or take a trip to Salt Bae's restaurant — where you can reportedly expect to pay up to £1350 (or about $1660) for a steak. Or, if you're looking for a juicy burger to sink your teeth into, you could try the world's most expensive burger which comes in at a terrifying $6000 and is made up of A5 Japanese Wagyu beef, Beluga caviar, and white truffles.

That is — the world's most expensive fully edible burger. The folks at Mythical Kitchen recently declared that they invented the "world's fanciest burger," which cost them an incredible $27,000 to make — that's more than four times the amount of the current record holder. But if you ate this burger, you'd probably end up in the ER, at the very least. That's because the burger actually contains a secret ingredient hidden among the ground beef — an ultra rare 1924 Cartier Rolex collab watch valued at, you guessed it, $27,000.

But why?

In the video posted to TikTok, Mythical Kitchen host Josh Scherer mixes ketchup and mayonnaise in a bowl, cuts up an onion and heirloom tomato, and then adds the pricy watch to the ground beef. "My uncle smuggled it out of a POW camp inside his prison wallet," he says casually as he forms the patty before frying it, adding cheese, and assembling the burger.


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People seemed to find it pretty funny or at least fun. "Can I substitute the Rolex for an old Casio I found by the bench in a park?" one person commented. "'No this onion isn't organic but it's from Trader Joe's' oh well there's $600 right there," added another. Obviously, this is meant to be a joke and is typical of the sort of humor seen on Mythical Kitchen, a show known for being silly and satirical.

Scherer has made headlines previously for his humorous food creations, such as Spokane-style pizza — which was supposedly a popular Washington recipe made up of a Detroit-style base topped with (among other things) canned salmon and strawberries. Oh, and it doesn't actually exist. Scherer expected viewers to take it as a joke, he told The Takeout. Add Mythical Kitchen's signature style to the surrealist humor also characteristic of TikTok, as well as the ever-growing trend of influencers eating expensive food to brag about their income, and you have the perfect recipe for audience engagement and perhaps cultural commentary. Let's hope nobody actually tries this at home, though.