The Easy Way To Get Wings For Only $1 At Buffalo Wild Wings Right Now

Even if the chicken wings from Buffalo Wild Wings are your favorite thing on earth, we bet we can name one thing you'd like more: free wings at Buffalo Wild Wings. Or, well, close-to-free wings. So how can you score six of the chain's boneless wings for only $1, as opposed to the regular price of $10? Buy a burger.

For a limited time, Buffalo Wild Wings is running a "One & $1 Burger" promo. In a press release, the chain's chief marketing officer said that they understood customers "might be skeptical of ordering a burger at Buffalo Wild Wings," considering its chicken menu items are the main draw. However, this promo aims to entice customers to try a burger, part of the menu since 2019, and reward them with $1 wings of their choosing, provided they place an order for online or dine-in service only. What burger options do customers have, then, and what's the consensus on their taste?

There are 5 burger options at Buffalo Wild Wings

Believe it or not, Buffalo Wild Wings does indeed serve menu items that aren't wings. Currently, the chain has five burgers on its menu, including the "all-American" cheeseburger, cheese curd bacon burger, smoked brisket burger, Southwestern black bean burger, and bacon smashed hatch chile burger. 

As you might guess from the names, the all-American is pretty much your typical double cheeseburger, while the cheese curd burger comes topped with cheese curds and bacon in addition to the usual fixings. The smoked brisket burger features pulled brisket and a bacon aioli (different from mayonnaise, by the way), and the hatch chile option gets its heat from fresh peppers and a spiced aioli. Finally, the black bean option is the only sandwich suitable for vegetarians, and it comes with guacamole and ranch.

Will Buffalo Wild Wings' promo work? It appears the company's instincts to spread awareness about its burgers were correct, as their number of supporters is small but mighty. Last year, one Redditor asked the community if there were people who "actually order a burger from BWW." One person who "usually" gets them confirmed, "Although they are usually too big for your mouth and very greasy, they are delicious."