The McDonald's Orange Creamsicle Hack You'll Be Drinking All Summer

McDonald's has always managed to position itself as one of the most prominent fast-food chains for the summer months. Whether it's a kid devouring McDonald's' famous Happy Meal by the beach, teens grabbing some late-night burgers with friends, or even someone picking up a small Coca-Cola on a hot summer's day, McDonald's has found a way into a lot of American's lives when the sun is out. Of course, when it's unbearably hot, McDonald's has an answer for that too — ice cream.

McDonald's offers shakes and smoothies to cool off, and there's also its McFlurry line that combines soft serve with multiple topping options. You can always order their regular ice cream when the machine is working, but a new TikTok "hack" claims to have figured out how to enjoy the taste of ice cream from McDonald's on the go, without any actual ice cream needed. TikTok user @hasaneats filmed themselves creating a drink at McDonald's using Fanta soda and coffee creamer, and the mixture supposedly tastes just like an orange creamsicle.

A bit of creamer with that soda?

Currently, McDonald's doesn't have any orange creamsicle-flavored products on its menu, which makes @hasaneats' "hack" even more enticing. In their video, they combined a large cup of Fanta orange soda with two mini cups of McDonald's coffee creamer and mixed it around. The results were milky and orange. In fact, it looked a bit like Thai iced tea. Is the "hack" too simple to really be as effective as the user claims it is?


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TikTok user @bgiove98 commented, "Do it with the HI C orange instead?", which sounds like a good idea, but because Hi-C is a juice drink, the results would have less carbonation. We think the only way to know whether this TikTok "hack" actually works, like all the others, is to try it out for yourself. Does it look too good to be true? A little, but maybe we don't want to get our hopes up, because walking around on a hot summer day with our very own cup of orange creamsicle soda sounds heavenly. Luckily, this seems like both an easy and low-risk "hack" that's worth trying out.