We're Not Sure How To Feel About A Redditor's Chick-Fil-A Pizza Creation

There isn't much out there that can't be transformed into a pizza. Domino's, for example, offers a Philly Cheesesteak 'za topped with all the traditional fixings of the famous hoagie from the City of Brotherly Love. It once sold a cheeseburger pizza, as well. Meanwhile, Taco Bell created the Mexican Pizza, which you probably know that many of the fast food restaurant's fans love wholeheartedly. Therefore, when we found out that someone created a Chick-fil-A pizza, we can hardly say that we were surprised.

The epic crossover was brought to the internet's attention by Reddit user u/fordatgoodstuff, who shared a video of someone making the pizza in a post to r/StupidFood. The 10-second clip shows someone slapping a flat, circular slab of pizza dough onto a counter, which they proceed to cover in a generous amount of Chick-fil-A's signature sauce. A layer of the eatery's mac & cheese is joined by what appears to be a 12-count serving of chicken nuggets and waffle fries. The creator adds a layer of cheese (because what's a pizza without cheese?) before presumably putting the pie into the oven to bake. Once cooked, it gets one last douse of CFA signature sauce before the maker grabs a slice to enjoy. Yum? We're not sure how we feel about the Chick-fil-A pizza, but it seems that a majority of Redditors think the delicacy is far from dumb.

Redditors think this Chick-fil-A pizza creation is far from stupid

Not only has the post received upwards of 3000 upvotes from people on the social media platform, but there have also been over 450 comments on the thread. "I came to the comments section ready to fight but y'all right there with me making your own," u/Extra_Strawberry_249 commented while Redditor u/coconutwaterwhiskey commented, "I don't see any pineapple so it's clearly not stupid." Though we know there are plenty of people who actually love pineapple on pizza.

Speaking of disagreeing, there were a few people on the Reddit thread who found the Chick-fil-A pie to be the opposite of appetizing, including u/DodgyRogue, who saw the video while eating dinner and said it made them "push [their] plate away." Some suggested changes, like subbing in Polynesian sauce and adding pickles. However, for Chick-fil-A itself, it seems the dish is fine as-is. Back in 2020, the chain released a recipe for how to make a Chik-fil-A Flatbread as part of its Nightly Nuggets series, and believe it or not, the instructions are practically the same.