We Have 50 Shades Of FOMO Over The Taco Bell Cantina Chicken Meals

The menu at Taco Bell might be full of classic combos and flavorful favorites, but it never stays the same for long. Taco Bell fans shouldn't take its menu items for granted, as popular products come and go like the refreshing breeze of a Baja Blast, and the debate about which Taco Bell menu items are the best or which deserve to stay is never-ending. However, to bring in brand new items, the chain needs to know whether people like these products first and that's where region testing comes in. If you're not in that lucky test region though, you might miss out on the chance to try the Bell's newest inventions.

Taco Bell frequently tests its products in select states to see how well they do and whether or not they can be implemented nationwide. Just like any other kind of quality test, that means not every product makes it out of the gate. So, if you didn't get the chance to try the newest product in the regions where they were being tested, you may never get to taste them at all, which is the exact fear we're experiencing right now! There's currently a whole new product test out there that places a new style of chicken in the spotlight. These meals and combos featuring Taco Bell's New Cantina Chicken are being tested in one region only, and we just hope we all get the chance to try them before they're gone.

A whole new world of chicken

A Reddit user by the name of @tacobellblake says a Cantina Chicken product line is being tested at Taco Bell locations in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. Judging by another post on r/tacobell, fans seem desperate to sample this exciting new take on the brand's chicken-focused products. The image shows a menu full of the all-new box and meal combos featuring this new style of "rotisserie shredded chicken." For some reason, being paired next to large purple cups of Brisk Dragon Paradise makes these meals seem even more enticing. Commenter @Snox90 says it all: "What. I've never heard of such a thing. Lucky." The ability to try the chain's latest and semi-clandestine offerings can be highly coveted, especially because these items usually aren't widely available yet and can be gone like the wind in no time. If the brand does decide these products are worth releasing nationwide, the Cantina Chicken Crispy Taco with its cheese-covered shell looks like it'll be an interesting addition to the menu.

Finally, seeing what this Cantina Chicken is about.
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Taco Bell continues to innovate with new chicken-centric items, like the Cantina Crispy Chicken Taco, (not to be confused with the new Cantina Chicken) and the Bacon Club Chalupa. Whether these Cantina Chicken items will have the same staying power remains to be seen. Hopefully the carnivores of Dallas-Forth Worth Texas are pleased with these new creations, then patrons of Taco Bell all over the country will be able to get their paws on them.