Costco Fans Are Pumped About The Iconic Cheesecake Hitting Stores

Cheesecake is more than just a comfort food — its mood-enhancing yumminess almost makes it a narcotic. In fact, according to HowStuffWorks, a study that was done back in 1981 revealed that there are trace amounts of morphine in cow's milk. Additionally, research published in the National Library of Medicine states that casomorphins, which are opioid peptides, can be released in the body during the digestion of casein, a protein that is present in cow's milk. This means it's not your imagination: There are scientific reasons why you are addicted to cheesecake — and it just got easier to pick up a renowned variety of the stuff at Costco.

Fan account @costcobuys recently shared the news on Instagram that Junior's original New York cheesecake is now available at Costco, and the internet is ecstatic. Responses to the post include such exclamations as "lord help me," "My favorite, I love heavy NY style cheesecake!" and "Juniors Cheesecake is our favorite!!!"

This means you don't have to live in or travel to Brooklyn to get a Junior's cheesecake. As long as there is a Costco nearby, you can pick up this popular dessert and sink your teeth into a velvety slice whenever the craving takes hold. And perhaps most surprisingly to shoppers is that the warehouse chain sells the 3-pound dessert for $17.99, more than three times less than it goes for on the Junior's website.

What makes Junior's cheesecake so popular?

Why would an international chain like Costco choose to sell cheesecake from a local NYC bakery? A famous establishment, Junior's is a cherished family-style restaurant that opened over half a century ago. The Brooklyn-based business was founded by Harry Rosen in 1950 and named in honor of his two sons. His grand vision included a theater-like marquee, Naugahyde booths, wooden countertops, and the bakery's now-iconic orange awnings.

Besides atmosphere, Rosen focused on quality. Specifically, the restaurateur decided he wanted to make the best cheesecake in New York. Utilizing his Master Baker and an almost scientific approach, the pair baked and tasted until finding a recipe that was so on point that it is still used today. Each Junior's cheesecake is made using fresh, premium ingredients with no fillers, and the batter is hand-blended in small batches to ensure controllable quality. 

All Junior's cheesecakes are made in New York, kosher, and contain only Philadelphia-brand cream cheese. Fans of the iconic dessert reportedly include Barack Obama, Bill de Blasio, Sean Combs, and a Kuwaiti prince.