A Pizza Bomb Is Going Viral Over How Sad And Uninspiring It Appears

If there's one universally beloved dish, it's probably pizza. This comforting, simple meal is (for the most part) hard to completely fail at making. While there are certainly ways to mess up a pizza — by burning it, not sharing it, and the like — a simple pie with cheese, tomato sauce, and a bit of basil almost always does the trick. Ask anyone which pizza topping is best, though, and you're sure to get a host of answers, likely because pizza is such a globally eaten food.

Despite originating in Italy, pizza has a large presence in Asia, where master bakers put their own spin on the dish. However, there's one particular pizza from Seoul, Korea, going viral right now for some not-so-flattering reasons. Twitter user @AKBrews shared a video of what's been described as a "bomb pizza." Oh, it's a bomb alright: The pizza's strange, elaborate presentation features a dome of gray crust being set on fire and then cut open to reveal a "very sad," grayish pizza sparsely covered in cheese and what looks like tomatoes. Its over-the-top presentation, only to reveal a questionable finished product, made the pizza go viral.

A dome with a disappointing finish

The subject of @AKBrews' tweet is actually a video originally posted by travel and food influencer, @explorewithahjussi. In the TikTok video, the pie appears to have some kind of rounded crust on top, and for nearly 40 seconds it's set on fire by a waiter and then cut to unveil the pizza beneath the dome. The result of such an extravagant and lengthy display was lackluster, to say the least, or "resident evil food," as one user put it. Another asked the question on everyone's mind: "Why is it grey?"

Likely to some commenters' surprise, @explorewithahjussi himself responded to a negative comment saying the pizza tasted "awesome." The dish in question is served at The Place, a restaurant well known for this domed style of pizza. As for why "The Bomb" pizza is that gray color? It's dyed with squid ink. Despite the online ridicule, sometimes bad press is good press, and the unflattering video certainly started a conversation.