Aldi Released A Brand New Selection Of Snack Foods

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As many Americans look for discounted groceries in the face of soaring inflation, it's no surprise that folks can't get over Aldi, the German grocer known for its bargains. But the low prices aren't the only thing that keeps us coming back for more. Aldi is also much-beloved for its unique, innovative snacks, either from their private label or other small batch operations. So when they announced a new selection of snack foods, we listened up.

In Aldi's latest weekly finds, they revealed six snacks to stock in your pantry: Barnana plantain chips, PopCorners popcorn chips, Clancy's baked rippled potato chips, Turkey Creek flavored pork rinds, LesserEvil bagged popcorn, and Benton's Upcycled Cookies (per The Sun). Some of these snacks end up being much cheaper than their mainstream, name-brand competitors. For instance, as a price comparison, a bag of Ruffles Original Potato Chips clocks in at $5.54 from Kroger, while Clancy's is just $2.95. 

But when it comes to snack time, price isn't the bottom line; we need a heavy-hitting crave-ability level. To learn which of these new finds are a must-have or a must-miss, we had to do a little digging. 

Which snacks are worth it?

At the top of our must-try list is Turkey Creek's Chicharrones, which are available in dill pickle and chili-lime seasoning. We are definitely part of the all-pickles-all-the-time trend, and dill pickle is an unusual flavor of pork rind. But reviewers love the chili-lime flavor. One Amazon reviewer wrote, "The lime flavor is not just sour but actually tastes like lime," and another said, "These are the best pork skins I've ever had hands down ESPECIALLY the chili lime." 

Also highly rated is the LesserEvil organic, pre-popped popcorn, which is offered in Himalayan Gold or a cheese-free but cheesy flavor. One Amazon buyer said of the No Cheese Cheesiness flavor, "I wasn't expecting to like these as much as I did but now they are slowly becoming one of the only cheesy snacks I buy." And considering this variety doesn't actually contain any cheese, we're pretty impressed with that review. 

Lastly, we feel obligated to mention Barnana's Plantain Chips. Plantains are known for their mild, sweet but savory flavor, which isn't everyone's cup of tea. But if you do love plantains, especially in chip form, Amazon reviews show you can't do better than these. The sentiment from one review, "Once the pack is open, they are all gone," is reason enough for us to try these plantain chips out. Aldi is offering both their Pink Salt and Lime flavors.