The Breadcrumb Substitute You Probably Eat For Breakfast

Life changed the moment you learned how to bread on your own. Now you can do your crispy breaded nuggets exactly how you like them from the comfort of your home. You've also probably discovered your favorite breadcrumb substitute, and if you haven't already, you're missing out on a very interesting exploration of flavors. So, we ask: Have you ever thought of breading with cereal? 

Known as a beloved breakfast ingredient, cereal is a crunchy, crispy, and slightly sweet substitute for breadcrumbs. By adding a bit to a food processor, you can make a breadcrumb texture out of it without making it powder or flour. It's a great way of making the most out of your cereal, especially when you have a box in your pantry you haven't used in a while but don't want to discard. If you want to skip this process, Kellogg's sells breadcrumbs made with Corn Flakes

Another perk is that it's a gluten-free option, mostly made of milled corn, and you can find a sugar-free alternative as well. Above all, it's flavor kids are familiar with, so it opens an array of family-friendly recipes. But it shouldn't be the only one you experiment with — exploring with breadcrumbs is quite a ride. It starts with thinking about your favorite crunchy texture ... Now, hold that thought. 

Think beyond bread

Cereal is not the only gluten-free alternative to breadcrumbs. You can start by switching to gluten-free flour, like almond or rice flour. Remember that the protein of your choice must be very moist (soaked in egg) so any type of breadcrumb alternatives adhere to the skin. If you want to use family-friendly ingredients, try corn tortilla chips, gluten-free rolled oats, crispy rice, or rice chex, all of which would need a bit of pulsing in a food processor for a finer texture. Seeds and nuts can work, too, following the small-size principle.

If you don't have a problem with gluten, try Japanese-style panko breadcrumbs, or even crumbled potato chips — it's an excellent way of giving this snack a second chance in your kitchen. Although very similar to breadcrumbs, crumbled croutons make a nice crunchy substitute, as do crackers or pretzels — both great choices when using breadcrumbs as stuffing, like in a crab cake recipe.