The World's Most Breathtaking McDonald's Is Made Entirely Of Glass

Although the average McDonald's sticks to the basics of a drive-thru and golden arches, some McDonald's locations go above and beyond. In fact, a McDonald's in Batumi, Georgia (the country, not the state) could arguably be the most stunning of them all, both inside and out.

The Batumi McDonald's was designed in 2013 by a Harvard alum and features an exterior made entirely of glass, flanked by reflecting pools. In 2014, the design won an award for Building of the Year from ArchDaily under the commercial architecture category. Honestly, we can't say we're surprised.

Another uniquely considered aspect of the Batumi McDonald's is the placement of its gas station. The building itself has a futuristic, aerodynamic shape, with the gas station strategically placed under the restaurant's upper deck so patrons don't see it while enjoying their Chicken McNuggets. Instead, patrons seated upstairs are surrounded by greenery and a large, noise-canceling canopy, which sounds heavenly.

Other stunning takes on McDonald's architecture

While the Batumi McDonald's may be the only one with 640 panes of glass, reflecting pools, and a wrap-around garden, it isn't the only McDonald's to abandon the mansard roof style. (Yes, there is indeed a name for the iconic sloped McDonald's roof.)

One Irish McDonald's location, for instance, has found its way into an 1880s Tudor Town Hall building, complete with a stone staircase, gables, and stained glass. An Australian McDonald's, on the other hand, found its home in a 1930s art deco-style former hotel. This particular building features layers of different colored bricks, as well as all sorts of curves, wings, and fins. Sure, you could count it among the strangest McDonald's locations to exist, but it also holds a certain beauty.

On a less-classy and more-glassy note, we can't talk about McDonald's architecture without mentioning one of the most unique McDonald's in the U.S. — that of Roswell, New Mexico. Like the Batumi McDonald's, the Roswell one is futuristic, made from glass and metal sheeting. That being said, Roswell's McDonald's is also, well, shaped like a UFO and glows in the dark. Not exactly winning the same kinds of awards as the Batumi McDonald's; but, hey, we tried.