Outback Steakhouse's Returning Fan-Favorites Have Shark Week Written All Over Them

Even though Discovery's annual Shark Week won't return until mid-July, it's only natural that restaurants would want to add to the anticipation in a way that also potentially boosts their business. Outback Steakhouse has already tided fans over with six themed menu items, and now the chain has a few more seafaring selections coming to the menu.

Of the six, two will be familiar to fans of the chain –- Outback's delicious Bloomin' Onion and its sirloin with lobster mac n' cheese. As we all know, the Bloomin' Onion is a fried onion with sauce, but now served alongside Aussie Cheese Fries. The sirloin comes with lobster-topped mac n' cheese, as well as a baked potato, for the classic steakhouse dinner.

These particular items became available on April 26 and will only be available through June 20, which means they won't be there during actual Shark Week. But if you're someone who wants to get into the shark spirit early, Outback still has a few other new themed additions to its Great Barrier Eats menu, including two more entrees, a dessert, and a drink that positively screams Shark Week.

What else is on Outback Steakhouse's Great Barrier Eats menu?

In addition to its returning favorites, Outback Steakhouse is offering two new entrees. The Tasmanian shrimp and lobster pasta includes grilled seafood over fettuccine and a spicy alfredo sauce, while the prime rib and shrimp combo comes with -– you guessed it -– prime rib and either coconut shrimp or grilled shrimp, as well as a baked potato and another side of your choice. You can also upgrade your shrimp to a lobster tail, if you're feeling super fancy, but keep in mind it comes with a $7 upcharge.

Outback is also introducing a new drink called the Aussie JAWSie. This cocktail is a mix of New Amsterdam raspberry vodka, blue curacao, and citrus juice. Plus, it comes topped with a little shark full of grenadine. Pouring the blood-red grenadine into your ocean-blue drink sounds a bit graphic, sure, but it's the flavors that matter. Besides, what's Shark Week without the gore?

Lastly, it's not dinner without dessert. The Great Barrier Eats menu has one dessert, and that is the Tim Tam brownie cake. It's made up of brownie, mousse, caramel, and Australian Tim Tam cookie pieces placed on top in a way that kind of resembles shark fins.