Anthony Bourdain's Favorite Cocktail Was Truly A Classic

Anthony Bourdain left a mark on the food world that will not be forgotten anytime soon. Known for his curious mind, biting political takes, and deep, fearless love of food and drink, Bourdain remains one of the leading authorities on all things delicious. And that includes his taste in cocktails. His favorite is, perhaps unsurprisingly, a beloved, timeless classic that offers plenty of nuances and a myriad of intense flavors — the Negroni. 

In a conversation with Barron's, Bourdain reflected, "A Negroni is a perfect drink as far as I'm concerned. It's three liquors that I'm not particularly interested in ... But put them together with a slice of orange. It works ... That first sip is confusing and not particularly pleasant. But man it grows on you," (via Thrillist). The Negroni is known for its pungent and bitter flavors that come from equal parts gin, vermouth, and Campari, an Italian bitter orange liqueur. While it's a classic Italian cocktail, it's a favorite the world over, with the late Bourdain as just one of its avid admirers. 

How to get the perfect Bourdain-friendly Negroni

In a segment for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Bourdain shared his method for creating a Negroni, saying, "Pretty much any chimpanzee could make this drink." 

He piles heaping handfuls of ice into a rocks glass before twisting off the lid on the bottle of Campari. He fills the glass 1/3 of the way with it, then reaches for Bombay Sapphire Gin for the next 1/3, and finally tops the final 1/3 with sweet vermouth. "Now I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, 'That doesn't sound good to me,' and in fact, I don't really like any of these things by themselves. But together, oh yes," he says as he stirs the drink together. Finally, he adds a slice of orange, admonishing any citrus substitute in its place, before he takes a sip of his favorite cocktail. 

Before he signs off, in true Bourdain fashion, he gives some welcome parting advice: "I would recommend a dosage of two of these, maximum. Cause after three, it's, 'Where'd my pants go? And who the hell are you?' Enjoy."