Chipotle's Bean And Cheese Burrito Is Perfect For People Who Fancy Fewer Toppings

So you're craving Chipotle but you don't want a huge meal and don't want to spend too much. There is a straightforward solution: Order a burrito with your favorite type of beans (or mix pinto and black, if possible) with cheese, and call it lunch. A simple and filling burrito might be a childhood favorite for some, but it's a flavorful meal that makes sense at any age. Plus, according to a Reddit thread, you should only be charged for two ingredients or sides, plus a tortilla, and won't spend much more than $3.

On the nutrition side, this is a very healthy lunch. Beans are a food rich in protein, and fiber, and low in fat. Plus, for those who fancy fewer toppings, there is less chance for your burrito to fall apart, making it easier to transport.

Keep in mind that this hack might or might not work, depending on the individual Chipotle location or whether or not you use the app, and especially on how you phrase your requested order. One Redditor complained that they were charged $8.94 for this supposedly veggie burrito, while others commented that for them, "it would come out to around $3-$4. I'm sorry you were treated that way over such a cheap item." Being charged the full amount might be a letdown for many Chipotle regulars, especially those with special food needs or limited resources.

A bean and cheese burrito should be a cheap option

As with most hacks shared on social media, the debate about this issue is hotly contested, from TikTok (a bean and cheese burrito "slaps") to Reddit and beyond. A couple of Chipotle employees added their two cents to the Reddit thread, and explained that an internal communication stated that a bean and cheese burrito is considered a three-point veggie burrito, according to Chipotle's odd point ordering system, and that they were told to charge the higher price. Some suggested that this policy discourages customers with food sensitivities, and others pointed out that this only drove people to their competition. They also explained that in some locations the cashier still only charged for two sides, while others followed stricter corporate rules. 



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Fast food chains tend to be ambivalent about hacks shared on social media. Some welcome the free publicity, and end up adding the items to the menu, but others worry about the money they're losing and put an end to the availability of the item. So, hope for the best of luck when ordering a bean and cheese burrito. If all else fails you can stick to the age-old trick of ordering off the kid's menu.