The Simplest Method To Keep Eggs From Exploding In The Microwave

As you might expect, eggs are among the many foods you should never put in the microwave, due to their tendency to explode. We don't want to deal with that goopy mess, nor do we want to burn ourselves on molten yolk.

Fortunately, TikTokers have discovered a way to microwave eggs that avoids any kind of explosion, and it's a lot like the usual poached eggs recipe. According to a TikTok posted by Funny People Making Food, this method is as simple as cracking your egg into a microwave-safe bowl and then adding water. Host Erica Wides recommends half an inch to an inch of water –- however much it takes to fully submerge your egg –- and then microwaving on high for 35-50 seconds.

Though the addition of water should be enough to keep your egg from exploding in the microwave, you can further reduce the risk by pricking the yolk with a toothpick prior to heating. You can also lightly cover your bowl to contain any messes. Easy, right?

What makes eggs explode in the microwave?

If you've ever wondered why eggs explode in the microwave, the issue boils down to trapped heat. As the temperature of the egg rises, the whites start to solidify, but this solidification also traps tiny pockets of water in and around the yolk. The pockets, which are still liquid and now superheated, have nowhere to go but outward -– cue the egg-plosion.

Here's where our handy-dandy microwave trick comes into play. By submerging the egg in water, the heat from the microwave is more evenly dispersed across the egg's surface area. The whites can cook as needed, without trapping the yolk. Plus, that little hole you popped into your egg with a toothpick acts as a valve to safely release pressure during heating.

Once your egg has finished cooking, it's a good idea to let it sit for a minute or two. This allows the egg to firm up, but also gives it a bit more time to release any remaining pressure. That's really all there is to making perfect poached eggs in the microwave.