Buc-Ee's Beaver Nuggets Are Being Compared To A Nostalgic Cereal

If your state has a Buc-ee's, then you're probably all too familiar with the popular convenience store chain, and if not, well you're out of luck. With over 50 Buc-ee's currently open, most of which are in Texas, it's no surprise the chain has gained cult status in the South. Despite peddling what can seem like everything in the known universe — merchandise, household items, brisket, gasoline — there's one Buc-ee's food item gaining traction online for its similarities to a bowl of breakfast cereal. 

Beaver Nuggets, one of Bucc-ee's most popular items, are sugary, yellow cracker things that are being compared to the classic Corn Pops cereal because of a TikTok that went viral. TikToker @hellthyjunkfood demonstrated a food hack for the Beaver Nuggets by putting the snack in a bowl and filling it with milk, comparing the flavor to Corn Pops. "They reminded me of that cereal Corn Pops, but with more pop," the user is heard saying. With both the hack and the Beaver Nuggets making the rounds online, it's no surprise users had a variety of responses.

Beaver Nuggets and milk cause a stir

Reactions to the TikTok video range from an approving "nice lol" to a shocked "you did not!! As a Texan I'm speechless." The video also helped to drum up interest for the ever-popular truck stop, with one user saying, "I need to go to a [Buc-ee's] even more now." Although, some were more distracted by the fact that the TikToker in the video appeared to clean and use a silver dog bowl to eat the Beaver Nuggets. "Why does that [Buc-ee's] bowl look like a dog bowl?" someone asked.


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The video itself is a follow-up to an earlier TikTok, which also showed off the same Beaver Nuggets hack. The account, which has over 115 thousand followers, shares all kinds of tips, info, and memes about the convenience chain. One video shows off the different kinds of snacks available at Buc-ee's, in timeless meme form of course. Being over 40 years old clearly hasn't deterred Gen-Z from making Buc-ee's a big thing on social media.